2016 CNSC

May 13–16, 2016

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Commentary: Round 9

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Round 9

Sary Karanofsky (Cote Saint-Luc QC) walks toward me shaking her head, result slip in hand. She says, "I don't why this is happening. I am 6-3." She just beat Tony Leah (Ajax ON), 461-442. In the very endgame, Tony extended VROOM to VROOMING on the triple line. This gave Sary the G she needed to bingo out with SEDUCInG. In his defense, Tony was no pushover, playing three naturals: TIRESOME, INHALER, and CATLIKE. Right after he played the last one, she slapped down FEEDs atop, creating FA/ET/EL/DIT/sKI for 67 points (thank you very much).

Seeing them get up from their finished board, I gently inquired how it went, Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON) said, "Oh, I got destroyed and lost by 230." This despite getting down two bingos: FLEETESt and ENDEARED. Chris got down four of his own: MORAINE, ABROGATeD, FETTING, and BEWAILER. A 560-330 win for Chris.

Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) had a strong game with Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) this round, winning 466-384. As I approach, I see Jesse play rATIONED to the D for 66 as an outbingo. Matt turned his rack around: GMRTAAO. Jesse points out EXECrATED from the EX that Matt played for 70. Jesse played HERALDS which hooked to make MOVIES for 91. After the play, Matt put down REGIE beneath HERALDS, making a bunch of parallel words (a new word, REGIE) and he also got down NEEDLES.

So, Chuck Abbate (Quispamsis NB) lost a game this round to Jason Li (Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC), 311-404. I am not going to name names, but vERAtRIX* and TOROSES* were played. Also, INTITLED was a fun, nonbingo.

On a Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC) vs. Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) board: MILAGES, PRoVaBLE, STRINGED, and OPIATED. Joshua's win, 451-436.

After this round wrapped up, the hotel catered a tea with various cookies, tea, coffee, juices, and soda. The break was just what everyone needed to carry on for these next two games.

Andrew Golding (Montreal QC) tells me he played UNSPRUNG this round. "Ugly isn't it?" he said.

Nicholas Schneider (Pickering ON) tells me of his game with Yvonne Lobo (Mississauga ON) this round, "RAKI was on the board. She played QUERN/QI with the Q on the triple letter for 67 points to take a 92-point lead. But this set me up to bingo out on the triple line YEASTEd/YE/ER/AN for 99." Combined with the 28 in tiles from her rack, it was Nicholas' win!

A fun, non-board (or bored) SCRABBLE story. Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) has been playing SCRABBLE since he was 14. He played at an online site and met then 15-year-old James Leong (Vancouver BC), both West Coast Canadian SCRABBLE players. To hear Jesse tell it, James "kicked his ass over and over." At that tender age, Jesse vowed to be good enough to beat James one day. And 16 years later, as of the results of this round, with James defeating Max Panitch (Toronto ON) and Jesse defeating Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON), their standings are now 1st (James) and 2nd (Jesse). I'm all "verklempt" now, please talk amongst yourselves.

Round 9 Auto-Commentary

James Leong (Vancouver BC) claims the lead, 8-1 +909, on a 5-game winning streak. Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) is 0.5 games behind at 7.5-1.5 +746, on a 5-game winning streak, #2 improving from #4. Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) is 1 game behind the leader at 7-2 +805, #3 dropping from #1. Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) is +583, on a 5-game winning streak, #4 rising from #6. Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) is +564, #5 slipping from #2.

High Win: Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) 560-330 vs. Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON). Low Win: Eli Shupak (Toronto ON) 338-336 vs. Marcela Kadanka (Toronto ON). High Loss: Tony Leah (Ajax ON) 442-461 vs. Sary Karanofsky (Cote Saint-Luc QC). Low Loss: Max Panitch (Toronto ON) 232-545 vs. James Leong (Vancouver BC).

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