2016 CNSC

May 13–16, 2016

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Commentary: Final Round 2

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Finals 2

James: exchanged 4. We liked.

Adam: OF we like

James: OX we like

Adam: AEINORT (jesse says he has a Collins rack) None of his bingos play. The fish Adam wanted didn't happen says Jesse.

James: RENT, we like.

Adam: AEINRTY We hear to play RAINY. We like it, and Joshua is taking credit for suggesting it :)

James: EELNRRW (we note he struggling to pick good tiles).

Adam: CEEIIST. We like Adam's play.


We are doing both the adult second game and the student first game at the same time. Very confusing in here! :)

James just played KNELT, we like and are sorry for his bad tiles.


left side of the board dead already, says Jesse. He didn't play SPIV, probably to not kill board.

Adam: ?DHLSTU, HUSTLeD as a bingo, we like, approve.

James: EOOPSVZ, looking grim for James. He needs to clean his rack top soon. A 251-183 lead for Adam. Joshua says James needs to bingo but only has a couple openings....

He plays OOZE, a good play.


I ask Jesse if he would rather be Adam or James this game and he says Adam, but he says that James is showing just how good a player he is by playing so well with bad tiles.

Joshua asks if it is possible that Adam misses BOOTLEG. Jesse says if Adam was behing it would be a great play, because it would create opening options. As is, he should not.

TOGAE on the triple, we like.

James: AEHIPSV. PHASE we like, the rooms claps a bit. "Great move by James," says Jesse.

ADAM: ABDIOSU, Adam needs to work more on balance here, says Jesse. Blank is still out people are mentioning. He payed ABO to set himself up for an S play. We like.

James: ?ADOQRV

We see a momentum swing with this blank. James will take out the S-hook we think. Then he could control this game and win. We don't agree with QUA, but quackle likes it, and we disagree. We like QADIs a lot better.

Adam: ADEFISU We see ADIEU, says Joshua. one positive thing about the last play that may affect how Adam plays is that we think James didn't telegraph his rack at all with this "Q dump" so a good thing maybe... As he plays ADIEU, joshua says, "I know Adam."

James: ?ACDIRV I hear talk of VICARS. James can maybe bingo out or he could play on bottom and block it up and win in the endgame. Joshua says he could dictate the endgame a lot here. And he is good at this. He did VICARs, we like it. It goes for endgame vs. bingo scenario to winning.

Adam: BEEFISY. Joshua says this is going to be very close. Jesse says he needs to get rid of two clunky tiles here. B and F or B and Y. Maybe. Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) likes OFF/FIB. Joshua is predicting and Adam win. Adam did OFF/FIE, we like a lot.


I got called in to photograph the second board and missed the end a bit, but it unfolded much as they suspected. Adam made the optimal endgame to set himself up to go out with two good plays, and outrun James. And he did.

Check out the annotated game!

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