2016 CNSC

May 13–16, 2016

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Commentary: Final Round 1

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Finals 1

The players, Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) and James Leong (Vancouver BC), are in their places, two rooms away, two air walls separating them from us.

Robin Pollock Daniel isn't here yet, so Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) is filling in for her, doing color commentary for game 1.

Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) is nearby because he is going to be doing commentary on the student games which should be starting in about an hour. We will have both games going at the same time!

Jesse will be doing live coverage of games at the World SCRABBLE Championships in France and the Causeway SCRABBLE event in Malaysia later this year. So, we are just warming him up.

The assembled onlookers are a bit lean for game 1, but they keep coming. Both School SCRABBLE teams are here.

Four turns in, the games first bingo: DRAGONET for 86. Board wide open. The room contemplates James' options holding ACEISTU.

SURICATE for 68 comes down for James.

Adam now holds IIORSST. Jesse sees IRONISTS though an N, but he says Adam may pass on it. And it goes down for 62.

James now holds DEEJLNZ. Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) and Siri Tillekeratne (Calgary AB) call out plays from the front row. Marcela Kadanka (Toronto ON) and Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON) whisper to each other. Eric Tran (Calgary AB) reads the newspaper. JEEZ goes down for 40, no surprise.

Adam has ALMORSY. SLAY for 49 down from SURICATE says Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC). Jesse says JOY is safer to the triple. He does MAJOR and we all like it.

James: ADEILLN. I hear TRICKLED mentioned. He did TRICKLED, we all like.

Adam: LOORSUY. He payed OOZY, we all liked, it was best.

James: AEIILNQ. We hear QUAIL, but it would block the D. But maybe QAID leaving D line open, says Jesse. Three Ls left so playing QUAI would maybe get him more. He played QUAIL. We like

Adam: bingoed instantly with VIRGULES through the I before we could breathe in here!

James: ?BEHINN. I hear "James is in trouble here." Now the Ws are important due to AVO hanging out.

cHINBONE went down, lots of WOWS in the room! 78 points, we didn't see.

Adam: ?BFIOPT. A blocking play of IF on the bottom line.

James: EEGMNUW. We are thinking he needs points so points it is. We like WEE.

Adam: ?BEEOPT. I hear using the blank to block anything from James. PEST, POST. Joshua says he doesn't see this..... BEEP goes down, we like.

James: GMNPRTU. We hear calls for MUG. The bag is consonant heavy says Jesse. GRUB is suggested. We like MUG.

Adam: ?AEIOTY. Joshua suggests shinbony*! But YA goes down, we all like, so does quack!

James: DLNPRTW. PAD goes down, general agreement.

Adam: ?ADEIOT. Best play for Adam may to be to blow the W hook below AVO. He won't open ANYTHING at all says, Joshua. DAS goes down, which was just what Joshua was saying. Quackle suggested DOTAGE. We think leaving the W opening below AVO was dangerous.

James: ALNNRTW. WANT goes down for 51. We like.

Adam: ?EEIIOT, bag is empty. I hear folks wondering if Adam is in trouble. Jason Li (Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC) suggests QI, Joshua likes it. Joshua opines that Adam is going to win this game. Jesse says, they are both using a lot of time, uncharacteristic for both of them. Joshua suggests milking this for more spread, and Adam going out in three to stretch it out a bit, to make more points, knowing that James is caught.

Adam has 8 minutes, James has 4.

John Chew announces that the student SCRABBLE game may start a bit late if this game goes long.

We like TIE, the second best play for Adam.

James: LNNORTX. We liked OX okay. :)

Adam: ?EIO. Jesse thinks Adam won't go out. mOIRE/RE would be a good play to go out, but he won't we don't think. HOE/KOA/LEI is suggested. OLIVE through the V. No shortage of options, says Jesse. Joshua suggests playing beneath OX. HOE goes down, we like!

James: NAG (good choice)

Adam: QI (we agree)

James: now holding LNRT

Jesse says, "Can't ask more in a game. James is losing with nearly 500."

Adam wins, 549-493.

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