2016 CNSC

May 13–16, 2016

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Commentary: Round 16

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Round 16 Auto-Commentary

Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) stays in the lead for the 6th consecutive round, 13-3 +1187. James Leong (Vancouver BC) is +954, hovering at #2 for 6 rounds. Eric Tran (Calgary AB) is 2 games behind at 11-5 +1340, unchanged at #3 for 4 rounds. Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) is +901, on a 3-game winning streak, #4 climbing from #5. Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) is +505, #5 sliding from #4. Ross Brown (Ottawa ON) is 3 games behind the leader at 10-6 +605, unchanged at #6 for 3 rounds. Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON) is +602, on an 8-game winning streak, #7 climbing from #8. Steve Ozorio (Mississauga ON) is +543, on a 7-game winning streak, #8 up from #9. Max Panitch (Toronto ON) is +537, #9 rising from #12. Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC) is +411, #10 rising from #14.

High Win: Michael Fagen (Montreal QC) 536-296 vs. Mike Ebanks (Calgary AB). Low Win: Sam Hollington (St. Catharines ON) 337-324 vs. Eli Shupak (Toronto ON). High Loss: Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) 432-474 vs. Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON). Low Loss: Joseph Bowman (Mississauga ON) 197-472 vs. Anna Miransky (Toronto ON).

Round 16

Lisa Kessler is sitting out this round to let Mad Palazzo try her hand (in an unsupervised way) at annotating. Mad had done several rounds with help so far.

We will be putting our annotators through their paces at tomorrow's finals, so we are trying to get them all ready. Lisa will be working tomorrow and we will miss her!

Jackson Smylie has spent much of the event doing alone what it takes two people to do at most events: he has annotated board 2 as a single annotator. Occasionally his sheets would come in (he annotates on paper and into the computer) with his hand traced and designed, with squiggles, and other minor pieces of art. But, last round I saw it all, he was TEXTING while doing all the annotating! Amazing multitasking skills!

After playing FANGIRLS early in the tournament, Eric Tran (Calgary AB) made me smile again this round with his play of jOYRIDE for 69. He was playing Steve Ozorio (Mississauga ON) and I saw MINERALS and ORDINATE on their board.

Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) and Ross Brown (Ottawa ON) hit the challenge machine: AEROS* is not acceptable.

Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) vs Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON). I see PLAFOND early on, a nonbingo 30-point play by Chris, but unusual. Joshua played INLAYERS for 86 and STEAMED for 75. Chris got down DANCERS for 76 and the crucial outbingo OUTRAISE to win the game!

Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) defeats John Stardom (Ottawa ON), 442-320. Nonbingos: NEIVE, BOSUN, CHERT. John got down SITTERS for 68 and Matt played ECoTYPE for 72 and a late-arriving LEGROOM For 78.

A pretty board between Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) and Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON). Jesse played the pretty nonbingo double-double ROTATED and then OVULAtED, and INjERAS. Zev got down BEHOLDER, AFREETS, and SALVOING. At one point, with a plethora of Is and Ns in the game, Zev got down KININ to the triple, pretty and smart! Jesse struggled with tile balance/ratio and exchanged twice (once for 6 tiles that I saw). Zev's win, 477-386.

Both players got back-to-back bingos, but Mark Edelson (Toronto ON) admits he got his too late and came up short with cINDERS for 69 and GENDARME for 82. The game winner, 491-415, Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON) played ORdINARY for 83 and HOOKIES for 84.

The Toronto SCRABBLE club's grand dame, Vivienne Muhling, came to visit us today. As she walked in she said, "I am reading you!" She walked here from her home and despite the cold assured us that she was used to walking to visit her daughter and the distance here was similar. She has been hosting Siri Tillekeratne (Calgary AB) this weekend and referred to him as a gracious guest. She had a few mild references to things that don't work right these days, but otherwise she is well and looks fabulous.

Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC) and Jason Li (Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC) had a pretty board this round. I see Jason's ZEUGMA and ELATERIN for 62. Dean played ENtREAT for 74, UNCLIPS for 79 (blank L), and ELECTORS for 82 (blank L). I also see OVERGIRT on that board.

Joseph Bowman (Mississauga ON) sees me and says, "197." That was his score this round. His opponent Anna Miransky (Toronto ON) earned a 460. Ouch for the guy in the kilt (with cute stockings today!).

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