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NASC 2015 Commentary: Round 19

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Round 19

I love lunch. It is a time for me do two of my favorite things. First, I eat, and second, I write and catch up, mostly uninterrupted. Just as round 18 was finished, Art Moore walked up and slapped two $25 tokens down on my notebook. He said, “I won $50 at lunchtime playing blackjack!” I am truly impressed because I can’t win anything! And, in the few times I’ve tried blackjack, I’ve only angered the pit boss and dealer because I kept using both my hands to hold the cards (a big no-no in casinos).

Division 4’s Ed Morrison (Malabar, FL) has been impressing me for three days now. About a half-dozen times now, he’s slipped behind a black curtain to my right (separating live coverage space to be used tomorrow and Wednesday from the rest of the room) and pumped out five or six terrific pushups. He does them rapidly then jumps up and runs over to his next game. He explained, “The way I see it, I get my blood moving, and whether I win or lose at least I have good pecs!”

Before our afternoon session, several year-end NASPA awards were given to players in the room (and announced for those who couldn’t attend this year). You all can see these folks highlighted at cross-tables.com in the top right of the front page. This is if Seth Lipkin hasn’t already updated the page yet!

Greg Feldkamp (Cleveland Heights, OH) joined Bill Ewing (Missoula, MT) at table 1 in division 3 this round. About two turns in, there was an overdraw and Kieran O’Connor, their division leader, ran over to rule. Though Bill hadn’t actually smushed the new tiles over to the side of the rack with his old ones, the fact that the new and old tiles were ever on the same rack made all the tiles go into the mix for the overdraw procedure. I am not sure what tile was left on Bill’s rack, but Greg turned over a blank in the three tiles he saw and the blank went back into the bag. Both Bill and Greg fiercely cover and protect their scoresheets, so it was hard to see who played what without uncomfortably hovering, but I saw some nice plays: NOVATES/UT/ME/ZAPS, SAUTOIRE, GLORIEs, and the front extension of RENOVATES at some point in the game. It was Greg’s win, 397-321.

PESTING* is ruled unacceptable and Charles Dupont (Seattle, WA) and April McCarley (Austin, TX) head back to their board. She takes off the offending word and the game resumes. Over the next half hour of walking by their board, I see Charles’ ERUV (a new 4!), TURGIdLY through the G, and LOBBInG. He challenged her play of ADIT to the bottom right triple, which earned her an extra turn, but it didn’t matter, she couldn’t put anything together this game. His win, 446-279. She pulls out a scoresheet from earlier today where she defeated him and said, “He really owed me a loss this time after I beat him, all is fair.”

A back-to-back rematch for Lynda Wise (Toronto ON) and Chloe Fatsis (Washington, DC) this round. The same result, Chloe won, 355-344, but a much closer game this time. I see Lynda’s BUSTIER and Chloe’s SHELLIER, ENTEReD, and the new fun three, AJI.

Chloe’s dad, Stefan Fatsis (Washington, DC), two rows over, just won his last game, too, despite his opponent bingoing out with FLUSHiNG to the G down the triple for 95. After the game was over, Ruchi Gupta (Knoxville, TN) said, “I could have played UNFLASHY! on the other triple lane!” Stefan said she could redo the play if she really wanted. They both laughed. He got down TOWNIES, TERPINE, and the gorgeous zAPATEO. Stefan’s big win, 447-360.

Ben Greenwood (Florence, MA) squared off with the pink lady this round, otherwise known as Yolanda Ushry (Fort Smith, AR). She got down two blank bingos: DEViSES and STRAYEd. So, speaking of straying, Jesse, was supposed to be covering the CSW and division 1 board games, wandered over into “my” section and caught some color on this game. I thank him for seeing it. Ben got confused over the new ZEDA and tried ZADE*. Yolanda, less confused, challenged it right off. Ben explains that he knew that there was ADZE, DAZE, and one other. When he spotted DE on the board, he just leapt and tossed the ZA down. Ben’s best play in the game came late, WINZE, hooking the N to create FOHN for 44. Yolanda’s win, 388-311.

Tapani Lindgren (Roseville, CA) vs. Daniel Novinson (San Francisco, CA). That new three again! AJI! Also SITUATE, DoLLIES, and LADRONe. I wander off to check on other boards and when I return the board is picked up. Trapani won, 412-396.

At table 1 in division 2 Jeff Martin (Albuquerque, NM) was playing John Karris (San Jose, CA). I caught EASTERN, VOGUERS, and AIrLINE on their in-progress board. A 397-347 win for John.

Howard Pistol (Oakland Park, FL) and Gunther Jacobi (Portland, OR) are having a real battle. Early on I see Howard’s 90-point QUIRTEd. But then Gunther got down gORHENS/SQUIRTEd for 118 (very pretty!). Howard played DRAFTING and then Gunter got DISABLE down for 88. What I think sealed the deal was Gunther’s 92-point, down the triple, ZOECIA, ID, AR. Gunther won, 497-373.

It sure looked pretty from a distance, and I could tell by the shaking of his head that it wasn’t a game that Paul Avrin (New York, NY) was winning, despite getting down GENTLEs for 75. No, this game belonged to Chris Williams (Vancouver BC), to the tune of 614-287. His better plays: SPIRANT for 83, GIAOURs for 67, MALAISE for 86, LOOBIES for 72, and ZAGS to the triple for 72.

Carlene Wallis (Sparks, NV) vs. Kevin Bowerman (Chapel Hill, NC). On their half-completed board I spotted her tERROIr for 62 (one of our new bingos! nice studying, Carlene!) and his TERNATE for 67. Later on, I see WOODIEST, but am not sure that it didn’t go down in stages. Before I know it, the game is gone. She won, 415-390.

Jesse Matthews writes:

For this round of Spot That Play:

(1) CIKLOOOS (Will Anderson (Croton, NY) versus Nigel Peltier (Portland, OR)) (2) EJRSUV (Rafi Stern (Seattle, WA) versus Ian Weinstein (Coral Springs, FL)) (3) AABCDNST (Amnuay Ploysangngam (Thailand) versus Paul Erland (Pegram, TN)) (4) AILOPRRV (Judy Newhouse (Houston, TX) versus Tom Bond (Everett, WA)) (5) AAEGMRW (Walker Willingham (Bainbridge Island, WA) versus Betty Eriksen (New Zealand)) (6) AAEOPT? (Stefan Fatsis (Washington, DC) versus Ruchi Gupta (Knoxville, TN))

Evans Clinchy (Boston, MA) has just secured a playoff berth after beating Geoffrey Newman (Brampton ON) this round at Table 2. Evans opened with TALAQ# to take a big jump early, adding ReFERENT as a bonus play just a few turns later. Geoffrey played AGISTED and ELEvENS in his comeback effort later in the game, but Evans was able to weather the storm and keep the win. Congratulations Evans!

Earlier today I saw some lexical creativity between Josh Greenway (Toronto ON) and Marina A Villena (San Pblo, CA). LOWERING was played at some point in the game, and then it was extended to RELOWERING*. RELOWERING* stayed on the board, but then Josh attempted to make a play that hooked it with a P, trying PRELOWERING*! Marina, however, wasn’t having any of that, challenging the play off.

(1) OLICOOKS (2) VERJUS (3) CABSTAND (4) PROVIRAL (5) WARGAME (6) zAPATEO (pEACOAT wasn’t played, but it is not an easy find either!)

Division 1 Round 19 Auto-Commentary

Jesse Day (Berkeley, CA) takes the lead, 15-4 +600, on a 5-game winning streak. Panupol Sujjayakorn (Thailand) is 1 game behind at 14-5 +1048, #2 down from #1. Orry Swift (Houston, TX) is +585, on a 3-game winning streak, #3 rising from #4. Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) is 2 games behind the leader at 13-6 +1004, on a 3-game winning streak, #4 improving from #8. Laurie Cohen (Tempe, AZ) is +684, #5 slipping from #3. Jason Li (Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC) is +94, #6 climbing from #10.

In Class B: Thomas Reinke (Middleton, WI) is the lead, 12-7 +798. Charles Reinke (Middleton, WI) is +648, #10 rising from #11. Chris Cree (Dallas, TX) is +586, on a 3-game losing streak, #11 dropping from #9. Darrell Day (Richardson, TX) is +322, on a 3-game winning streak, #13 up from #14. Nigel Peltier (Portland, OR) is 1 game behind at 11-8 -361, on a 3-game winning streak, #22 hurtling up from #32. Jason Keller (Highland Park, NJ) is 2 games behind the leader at 10-9 +646, #25 climbing from #33. Avery Mojica (Overland Park, KS) is +624, #27 leaping up from #35. Joshua Sokol (Montreal QC) is +425, #29 whizzing down from #18. Leesa Berahovich (Berkeley, CA) is +182, #30 down from #22. Manop Phiphatboonserm (Thailand) is -59, #32 down from #25.

In Class C: Ross Brown (Ottawa ON) is the lead, 10.5-8.5 +304. Jeff Fiszbein (South Lyon, MI) is 0.5 games behind at 10-9 -34, #31 climbing from #38. Greg Heidler (Waialua, HI) is -242, on a 3-game winning streak, #34 leaping up from #40. David Whitley (Monrovia, CA) is 1.5 games behind the leader at 9-10 +558, #38 up from #43. Reid Hattaway (Moscow, ID) is +73, on a 3-game winning streak, #41 rising from #48. Bruce D Ambrosio (Los Angeles, CA) is -238, on a 3-game winning streak, #43 soaring from #53. Terry Kang Rau (Hudson, NY) is -314, #46 up from #50.

High Win: Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) 551-253 vs. Thomas Reinke (Middleton, WI). Low Win: Ken Kasney (Meridian, ID) 331-276 vs. Betty Cornelison (Portland, OR). High Loss: Kate Fukawa-Connelly (Lawrenceville, NJ) 447-491 vs. Jeff Fiszbein (South Lyon, MI). Low Loss: Thomas Reinke (Middleton, WI) 253-551 vs. Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON).

Division 2 Round 19 Auto-Commentary

Jeff Martin (Albuquerque, NM) stays in the lead for the 3rd consecutive round, 14-5 +1055. Howard Pistol (Oakland Park, FL) is +890, remaining unchanged at #2 for 3 rounds. Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) is 1 game behind at 13-6 +887, #3 rising from #4. Kevin Bowerman (Chapel Hill, NC) is +869, #4 dropping from #3. Kit Morehead (Berkley, MI) is +412, on a 3-game winning streak, #5 improving from #7. Tod Taylor (Seattle, WA) is +375, remaining unchanged at #6. Carlene Wallis (Sparks, NV) is +372, on a 3-game winning streak, #7 dropping from #5. John Karris (San Jose, CA) is 2 games behind the leader at 12-7 +1047, #8 climbing from #11. Gunther Jacobi (Portland, OR) is +922, #9 improving from #12. Kevin Fraley (San Jose, CA) is +837, #10 rising from #13.

In Class : In Class B: Jeff Martin (Albuquerque, NM) is the lead for the 3rd consecutive round, 14-5 +1055. Kit Morehead (Berkley, MI) is 1 game behind at 13-6 +412, on a 3-game winning streak, #5 up from #7. Tod Taylor (Seattle, WA) is +375, remaining steady at #6. Paul Mishkin (San Francisco, CA) is 2 games behind the leader at 12-7 +456, #13 improving from #17. Curtis Lee (Jacksonville, FL) is +420, on a 6-game winning streak, #14 up from #20. Edwin Roth (Philadelphia, PA) is +414, on an 8-game winning streak, #15 improving from #19.

In Class C: Edward Gowash (Fort Worth, TX) is the lead, 11-8 +460. Paula Catanese (Mountain View, CA) is +344, #22 down from #16. Cynthia Pughsley (Oakland, CA) is +69, #28 up from #36. Elizabeth Ralston (Los Angeles, CA) is +13, #29 down from #23. Gwen Stewart (Ellicott City, MD) is -30, #30 tumbling from #24. Linda Oliva (Lisbon, MD) is -195, on a 5-game winning streak, #31 jumping up from #37. Diana Grosman (Reisterstown, MD) is 0.5 games behind at 10.5-8.5 -401, #33 tumbling from #25. Carolyn Easter (Birmingham, MI) is 1 game behind the leader at 10-9 -61, on a 4-game losing streak, #42 jumping down from #35.

High Win: Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) 614-287 vs. Paul Avrin (New York, NY). Low Win: Carole Denton (New Carrollton, MD) 357-345 vs. Stephanie Sugano (Roseville, CA). High Loss: Gwen Stewart (Ellicott City, MD) 437-460 vs. Edwin Roth (Philadelphia, PA). Low Loss: Paul Avrin (New York, NY) 287-614 vs. Chris Williams (Vancouver BC).

Division 3 Round 19 Auto-Commentary

Bill Ewing (Missoula, MT) stays in the lead for the 12th consecutive round, 15-4 +743, on a 3-game losing streak. Charles Dupont (Seattle, WA) is 1 game behind at 14-5 +1343, #2 up from #3. Greg Feldkamp (Cleveland Heights, OH) is +870, on a 5-game winning streak, #3 up from #4. April McCarley (Austin, TX) is +450, #4 slipping from #2. Chloe Fatsis (Washington, DC) is +420, on a 5-game winning streak, remaining unchanged at #5. Yolanda Ushry (Fort Smith, AR) is 2 games behind the leader at 13-6 +474, on a 6-game winning streak, #6 climbing from #10. Tapani Lindgren (Roseville, CA) is +417, #7 improving from #9. Lynda Wise (Toronto ON) is +296, #8 sliding from #6.

In Class B: Maureen Morris (Calgary AB) is the lead, 11-8 +482, on a 5-game winning streak. Carol Tillson (Silver Spring, MD) is +288, on a 3-game losing streak, #21 sliding from #18. Claudia Finn (Seattle, WA) is -67, #24 dropping from #20. Margo Kuno (Philadelphia, PA) is -109, #25 leaping up from #32. Josephine Flowers (West Memphis, AR) is 0.5 games behind at 10.5-8.5 +465, #27 down from #22. Dave Krook (Mississauga ON) is -212, #28 jumping up from #34. Lindsey Dimmick (Baton Rouge, LA) is 1 game behind the leader at 10-9 +429, #30 rising from #37. Rhonda Morris (Oklahoma City, OK) is +186, #34 down from #25. Eli Shupak (Toronto ON) is +184, #35 rising from #41. Whitney Gould (Berkeley, CA) is +126, on a 4-game winning streak, #37 up from #43.

In Class C: Chloe Fatsis (Washington, DC) is the lead, 14-5 +420, on a 5-game winning streak. Chris Autio (Missoula, MT) is 3 games behind at 11-8 +274, #22 jumping down from #14. Joey Gordon (Fort Worth, TX) is +22, #23 leaping up from #30. Cooper Komatsu (Los Angeles, CA) is 4 games behind the leader at 10-9 +317, #31 rocketing up from #42. Cecilia Huber (Cleveland, OH) is +279, #32 climbing from #39. Sander Post (Ottawa ON) is +218, #33 up from #40. Anne LaDu (Des Moines, IA) is +152, #36 plummeting from #26.

High Win: Carl Warner (Renton, WA) 500-272 vs. Murray Goldenberg (Winnipeg MB). Low Win: Josh Greenway (Toronto ON) 352-349 vs. Dani Roter (Valley Village, CA). High Loss: Gaye Trickey (Lakewood, CO) 435-492 vs. Sander Post (Ottawa ON). Low Loss: Mad Palazzo (Richmond Hill ON) 243-415 vs. Miriam Gregory (Vancouver BC).

Division 4 Round 19 Auto-Commentary

Hannah Rozear (Durham, NC) stays in the lead, 15-4 +814, on a 5-game winning streak. Jennifer DeWaelsche (San Antonio, TX) is 1 game behind at 14-5 +794, steady at #2. Peter Hopkins (Toronto ON) is 2 games behind the leader at 13-6 +577, on a 3-game winning streak, #3 rising from #6.

In Class B: Jennifer DeWaelsche (San Antonio, TX) is the lead, 14-5 +794. Richard Banker (Ankeny, IA) is 2 games behind at 12-7 +574, hovering at #5. Arthur van Tol (Grandville, MI) is 3 games behind the leader at 11-8 +332, on a 3-game winning streak, #12 jumping up from #18. Jack Allard (Pryor Creek, OK) is +202, #13 down from #9. Debra Bates (Sherwood Park AB) is +134, on a 5-game winning streak, #15 up from #19. Jim Laris (Altadena, CA) is -41, on a 3-game losing streak, #16 dropping from #11. Jamie De Jong (Ottawa ON) is -55, #17 rising from #22.

In Class C: Dustin Brown (Fairfield, CT) is the lead, 12-7 +695. Jack Peters (Nantucket, MA) is +557, #6 falling from #4. Donna Leigh (Menomonee Falls, WI) is 2 games behind at 10-9 +339, #18 jumping down from #13. Chandra Hebert (Lafayette, LA) is +52, #22 rising from #27. Keith Forman (El Cajon, CA) is 3 games behind the leader at 9-10 -105, #28 up from #34. Sheng Guo (Amawalk, NY) is -249, on a 3-game losing streak, #29 dropping from #26. Pamela Pudelka (Corpus Christi, TX) is -417, #30 down from #28. Jennifer Hay (Portland, TX) is -659, #31 climbing from #39.

High Win: Arthur van Tol (Grandville, MI) 484-337 vs. Jean Wolin (Toronto ON). Low Win: Mary Fonti (Hallandale, FL) 334-317 vs. Pamela Pudelka (Corpus Christi, TX). High Loss: Jack Peters (Nantucket, MA) 380-464 vs. Jennifer DeWaelsche (San Antonio, TX). Low Loss: Sheng Guo (Amawalk, NY) 255-424 vs. Chandra Hebert (Lafayette, LA).

Division CSW Round 19 Auto-Commentary

Dave Wiegand (Portland, OR) remains in the lead for the 6th consecutive round, 15-4 +1155. Evans Clinchy (Boston, MA) is 1 game behind at 14-5 +628, remaining unchanged at #2. Peter Armstrong (Oakland, CA) is 2 games behind the leader at 13-6 +630, #3 up from #6. Austin Shin (United Kingdom) is +346, #4 improving from #7.

High Win: Cecilia Le (San Francisco, CA) 530-382 vs. Mina Le (West Palm Beach, FL). Low Win: Sharon Sorensen (Australia) 356-337 vs. Judy Romann (Bainbridge Island, WA). High Loss: Jason Broersma (Caledon ON) 464-473 vs. Leslie Charles (Trinidad and Tobago). Low Loss: Lynda Woods Cleary (Princeton, NJ) 259-473 vs. Matthew O'Connor (DeWitt, NY).

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