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NASC 2015 Commentary: Round 24

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Round 24

There is some sort of side bet going on between John O'Laughlin (San Francisco, CA) and Dave Wiegand (Portland, OR). The loser of the best of four has to pose like a zombie for a photo that will be taken tomorrow? I heard this in whispered tones from Dan Stock. So, keep your eye out for a zombie photo that works with a Dan Stock tableau!

Evan McCarthy (Windham, NH) put down URiNOSE as I walked up to his board in game three of his matchup with Jennifer DeWaelsche (San Antonio, TX).

Ben Greenwood (Florence, MA) had a fun game with School SCRABBLE phenom, Cooper Komatsu (Los Angeles, CA) this round. That he lost to Cooper wasn’t the story, but rather how he lost. Cooper played a super endgame, figuring out how to go out in two plays on three separate places on the board. He really took the time to plan, which is impressive for a young player to have that much attention to detail to the very end. It is details like this that make a future champion! In a “duh” moment for Ben, he wanted to close down the board and he saw LIT. He quickly stuck UN in front of it, thinking that it would be hard to play through a U for Cooper. Well, Ben was right on that front, but the thing he wasn’t quite thinking through was the front hook for UNLIT on the triple lane! It ended up not being used, but Ben sweated it out a bit. BTW, if you haven’t had your coffee yet, he’s referring to SUNLIT.’

Dan Stock sees two division 2 players adjudicate RIDOUT* and discover it is not an acceptable word. He laughed that it was a good thing they didn’t try it out against Matthew Ridout (Lexington, KY) as he would have known cold!

So, Chloe Fatsis (Washington, DC) lost this third game to Charles Dupont (Seattle, WA), 227-495. Charles points out his GIFTEEs and INTHRONE through the N and admits he had some pretty blessed tiles. I wonder aloud how Chloe took the losses and he said, “Well, she sounded okay. She picked me to be on her bracket.” I chuckled, because that is making lemonade out of lemons for sure. She might have lost these games, but she still could win the Bracketology contest that NASPA is running.

Bill Ewing (Missoula, MT) wins this game against Yolanda Ushry (Fort Smith, AR), 466-319. They have one more to go. I se her bANDAGED and his OvERNEAR, STIRRED, and BARISTAS.

Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) explains that Kevin Fraley (San Jose, CA) won their first two games, but Chris took this one. They have one more to play to decide which one moves ahead into the next bracket.f I see Kevin’s WARTLIkE and PIROUGUe and Chris’ ORDINES and STEADED.

Game 3 of Gunther Jacobi (Portland, OR) vs. Howard Pistol (Oakland Park, FL) and I see Howard’s SORTIES and Gunther’s ARSENITE.

Becky Dyer (Austin, TX) lost her third in a row to Peter Armstrong (Oakland, CA), so they won’t play the fourth game. I see her DINGERS and NOUSLEd#. He played NOTARIZE, QUARTET, BRULzIE (he points out the blank could have been a Y, too). However, the nonbingo words are the most interesting. He played ZADDIK at one point and she play JOT/TZADDIK on her next turn. He explains that you can replace the K with a Q if the T is there! She played HEEDY down the triple hooking to make NOTARIZED.

Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) and Laurie Cohen (Tempe, AZ) have a great board: BARISTAS, OUTSLEEP, DODGIER, AUTISTIC, FRONTER, and YODELEr.

Panupol Sujjayakorn (Thailand) vs. Orry Swift (Houston, TX). Another big win for the Thai, 425-300. I see his AcQUIRER, ANGELED, and OVERBUILT. I think Orry kept score. After the dust settles, John Robertson talks to them about game 4. He says that Orry needs to win by 141, but Panupol politely insists that they check their math. Orry actually needs to win by 282! A stiff accomplishment, but if anyone can do it, Orry can!

Jesse Matthews vs. Thomas Reinke (Middleton, WI), a 411-403 win for Jesse. I see his SOURDINE and STORMEd and Thomas’ COLINEAR and CARNIES.

Joel Wapnick (Montreal QC) wins big this round with Evans Clinchy (Boston, MA), 523-379. I see his OVeRTEEM# and MIGRATED and Evans points out ADORABLE for 82 (also by Joel). Evans explained that this last bingo was great because it gave Joel more spread and he is going to need to beat Evans in game 4 by 89 points to win their matchup. Evans opened with FORNIX and got down TENNIST.

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