2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Round 9

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Round 9

I think Chris Lipe will be writing up some of this, but on the James Leong (Vancouver BC) vs. Jason Broersma (Caledon ON) board, the fun nonbingo OZALID was played. Every game of James' that I see, there is always at least ONE weird word I've never seen before. Call it general education for us all. :)

Sue Tremblay (Carlsbad Springs ON) lost her game with John Stardom (Ottawa ON) this round. She was impressed when he extended her OVATE to RENOVATE. He got down VAMoOSE and GEStAPO and she managed SPURTER.

Joshua Castellano (Vienna, VA) is having a monster game this round against Yvonne Lobo (Mississauga ON). She opened with TROAK and he bingoed with UNReADY, overlapping to make eT/AR/DO/YA. His second play was SEICENTOS. Later he got down FENCeRS. It is 404-211, his lead, as they head into the endgame. He ended up winning big but says he had it all.

Lilla Sinanan (Stoney Creek ON) looks to be having a great game with Mike Ebanks (Calgary AB). I see Mike's AMOSITE and HANTLES. She has played NITRATeS and MORALeS. She holds an unplayable BANTENG on her rack as I walk by. I find out later that she lost the game by 11.

Chuck Abbate (Quispamsis NB) vs. Roger Cullman (Toronto ON). Things seem like they are puttering along for them when I stop to take a photo and then it gets lively. The board had RESIDUAL on it and then Roger played INTReAT for 75 while I stood there. Not to be outdone, Chuck played AIRLINE for 72. I look at the blank slip and see that someone tried INFINATE* and that isn't on the board, so I surmise that it got challenged off. Deep thinker: me. I run into Roger later and he explains that Chuck later got down NEGrOID and that had he known SABERING, he could have outbingoed and won the game. Instead, he tried REBASING* which Chuck called off. All this business put Roger over by about two minutes which dented his score further. Chuck's win, 439-373.

Juraj Pivovarov (Calgary AB) vs. Steve Ozorio (Mississauga ON). I see Juraj's bingo bongo of GEODETIC for 74 and HYDRATE/HM for 93 (he played as I watched). I see Steve's BAItING for 70 and INGEStA for 70. A rack-cleaning NIOBIUM from the N is on the board.

I see BEGORED# on a rack. I look the word up and it is bad, but this player, Jeremy Hildebrand (Ottawa ON), is a Collins player, so I look it up and see it is Collins. Chris is going to write up that game, below, and I hope he mentions how "dirty" he felt after it was all over!

On a Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON) vs. Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON). I see two bingos for each. Jason's DEVELOp and ICINESS and Zev's INSNARER and HEXaPOD. Jason won that matchup.

Geoffrey Newman (Brampton ON) has a 10-game winning streak against Sinna Vijayakumar (Mississauga ON) in tournament play. Let's just say he has his number!

Our tea break is coming to an end and the players are milling back into the playing room. Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) has not moved from her SUPINE position in the past half hour. She's just chilling. Joel Wapnick (Montreal QC) is in a nearby chair, both are reading from their phones.

Chris Lipe is flirting, his colour later :)

/flirting here's Chris:

It's early in Round Nine, and I'm munching away on a chocolate chip cookie and watching Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) put HEXaPOD down on Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON). Now Jason has AJILOV?. He played JOVIAL.

The other Jason, Jason Broersma (Caledon ON), is having another cool game, this time against James Leong (Vancouver BC). James played ZIRCON into the middle of the board, and then Jason extended it to ZIRCONIA for 38. Next turn he pulls the blank and hits MONsTER / ZIRCONIAs.

Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom (Montreal QC) has got and kept down RENTABLY* against Ross Brown (Ottawa ON).

James has closed the gap against Broersma -- he's played SNARLER.

Mark Edelson (Toronto ON) has ABEJNR? against Joel Wapnick (Montreal QC). The only eight in this rack does not play. (1)

Jason Ubeika has DEELOV? -- plays DEVELOp hooking the P on the front of OH. Nice find!

Broersma has a close game, but he has the advantage holding QUS? in the endgame. Playing DOE, Jason drew Q? leaving UU as the last two in the bag. As it ends, Jason has a 400-377 victory over James Leong. He's holding his work quite well against a tough field.

Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC) has been carrying around a box of Pocky the whole tournament but it does not appear to be open. I'm not sure what her intentions are for the Pocky, but if it's becoming a burden, I know one commentator who would not mind eating it.

Jackson Smylie (Toronto ON) had a terrible game this round against Max Panitch (Toronto ON) -- Max won by almost 300 points -- but one bright spot is that NINJAS was on the board, and really, you know, everyone loves ninjas.

Jeremy Hildebrand (Ottawa ON) just snatched a win in a brilliant and crazy manner from Priya Fernando (Mississauga ON). It's late in the game -- two in the bag -- and Priya is up by a bingo. Jeremy is holding BEGORED# and he needs something -- anything -- to have a prayer. He makes up REEDBOG* and it was a position where if Priya challenges and loses, the game is lost. As it were, it seems like she has enough to eke out a win after accepting the play, so she does this. Jeremy, however, pulls FR from the bag and finds an awesome play of FRERE through RE and another E for 23 points.....enough to lose by three. A recount ensues, in which Jeremy finds he had undercounted one of his plays by four. A one-point recounted win snatched from the esophagus of defeat. What a game this is. What a game.


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