2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Round 2

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Round 2

Eric Tran (Calgary AB) vs. Randall Thomas (Calgary AB). Something is unusual in this game and it isn't that Randall's rack has wheels. It's... just..... something.... ah.... yes, they are both left-handed. And when they go to write onto their clipboards, they go the "wrong" way. This from a righty :). The game is tense, nearing the end, it is 243-245, anyone's game. I see SABAtONS, DEMOTED, CHIRAL, and FURAN. It ended up to be Eric's win, but I didn't hang out to find out how.

Sue Tremblay (Carlsbad Springs ON) vs. James Leong (Vancouver BC). Their game long over, they have it half torn apart in an endgame analysis. At one point Adam joins in. I see his DENTiCLE that drew a challenge, her SKIDLESS*. She opened with GENOMEs and he replied with INFEsTED. My favorite play was James' OXLIPS. His win, 411-350.

Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) has a big game over Steve Ozorio (Mississauga ON), winning with a 574-309. I see STERLING, SANDIER, WhITTLED, and Robin's AXItE. It gave her 60 points and left her with an IU that she paid for in later racks, but she still feels it was worth it.

GRILLADE jumps out at me on Chris Williams (Vancouver BC) vs. Jason Broersma (Caledon ON) board. Chris extended GRILL to the triple. I see Jason's UNClOAKS and sEMITES. Other fun words: COWBANE and MATZOT. Jason is well ahead entering the endgame and I notice two scores of zero: DIPHASES* and PIGHEADS*. I think Chris tried them!

A whale of an endgame between Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) and Juraj Pivovarov (Calgary AB). I see that Juraj is already more than one minute over on his clock. He slaps down RECANES and Matt plays small but fatly. Trying to keep it to only -20, Juraj slaps down JAPING. Holding IRONERS, Matt finds that it plays for an outbingo. He ends up winning, 444-371. I see AUDILEs and UNDENTEd (this drew a challenge from Matt), and RADIABLE. Other fun plays: YERBA, PHYLE, and KEMPs, all by Matt.

Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) has won two games so far and Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) confesses she's had all the blanks.

Chris Lipe writes:

Andy Saunders (Guelph ON) is having a rough time against Geoffrey Newman (Brampton ON) and they're only one turn in -- Geoff opened with QINTARS natural.

Mike Ebanks (Calgary AB) has got LIMITEDS down against Jackson Smylie (Toronto ON). Those -EDS words are cool.

Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) and John Robertson (Cambridge ON) have an interesting opening -- John opened with HALF, and Jesse underlapped it with LOGO under the HAL. Not to be outdone, John played FANATIC with the -ANAT- underlapping LOGO making LA, HON, ANA, and LOT.

Another blank bingo quiz rack -- this time Heather McCall (Toronto ON) is holding AEEHKL? -- this (with another blank) makes four TWL eights and one CSW eight. (1)

Before her game, I mentioned to Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC) that the set she'd played with had an F with no tile value in the corner. "What, really?" she asked. "Yeah, draw the F this game and look," I told her. Sure enough, she drew that F. After an opening play of JUN, every tile in the first half of her game with Priya Fernando (Mississauga ON) was above row 8. Strange looking board.

Things are going from bad to worse for Andy. He's down 150 points now, and Geoff has the first blank, with CIMSWZ?. This makes no sevens or eights.

In Jesse and John's game, someone has played MOON?ET. I assume the blank is an L, until John tries playing MEWLIE(?)?. It comes off the board, whatever it is.

The first triple-triple of the tournament has gone down -- Lilla Sinanan (Stoney Creek ON) hit N(O)TaRIES for 113 against Ross Brown (Ottawa ON).

Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON) has played the beautiful BIOMETAL* against Sary Karanofsky (Cote Saint-Luc QC). It's not good, but it stays on the board. Biometal, now that's a genre I'd listen to.

Oh, dear. Geoff has played SEIZiNS with his blank, and now Andy is down 200. "Four power tiles played at once," he mutters. "You could miss a bingo once in a while," he says to Geoff, as Geoff pulls seven tiles including the second blank.

Shan Abbasi (Mississauga ON) is playing [error: no such id: Dean] and one of them has played FUtHARK. Very nice -- I missed this in a club game a couple months ago.

Dielle found the seven in AAHITT? but there was also an eight available from a C. (2)

The final gun has sounded in Andy Saunders' game against Geoff Newman and it's not looking good for Team Andy. Final score: 562 to 296. Geoff bingoed out with OBTESTEd. "This was mine," said Andy, pointing to the X. Geoff got everything else including the K. Geoff had opened by changing 2, keeping SITAR, and then drew QN. Andy tried a phony, which came off, giving way to QINTARS and it was off to the races. It's a long tournament, man, still lots of games to go. Geoff, on the other hand, comes away with a pretty bit of spread.



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