2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Round 18

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Round 18

Jeremy Hildebrand (Ottawa ON) vs. Mark Edelson (Toronto ON): NESTLED, BYlINERS (blank L), MODIFIES, and UNACtIVE.

Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC) vs. Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC): siblings square off. I see CARTOON and AuDITION. Last I knew, Dean was way ahead.

Jackson Smylie (Toronto ON) vs. Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON). Well, this game looks to be all about Chris. I see Jackson's TONIEST, but it came in only after Chris' bingo bingo of AIGRETTE and DACOItED. He later got down LIaISES. I later saw them go to the challenge computer and Jackson relearned WALY. It was Chris' win, 510-278.

The gibsonized game between Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) and Glenn Dunlop (Brantford ON) is full of fun words: NULLAH, SPARGED, GOALIES, LOCUM, and OVeRLAID. Adam wins, 415-367, just before his mom comes in to visit. She is so proud. NULLAH was Adam's find.

Check out this round's annotated board 2! Eric Tran (Calgary AB) made a 185-point play! And he had a double-double, too!

Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) vs. Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON). Kinda quiet board, for them, so far. I see sNUFFLED and HEAtHER. AALII has been played to the triple and I think someone lucked out to get any points with that rack cleaner. Then while I'm watching, Matt played CARTOON for 70. Things are heating up. I get there just as they are done and she sighs. Her worst loss of the event.

Joel Wapnick (Montreal QC) walks out and tells me that Eric Tran (Calgary AB) beat Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON). This means that Zev has been eliminated from the second finals spot. We await the winner of John Stardom (Ottawa ON) vs. Ross Brown (Ottawa ON). This is soooo exciting! And the news comes in, Ross wins! Yeah Ross! Congrats.

Max Panitch (Toronto ON) vs. Sinna Vijayakumar (Mississauga ON): BURrOWED, VOIDNESS, DIORAmAS, HIBACHI. It was a squeaker of a win for Max, 415-413. They both shook hands at the end, great sportsmanship on display!

Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom (Montreal QC) was having such a monster game against Shan Abbasi (Mississauga ON) this time that Shan waved me over to see it. I see three bingos in a row for Gabriel: TONNEUx from the T for 74, MISAGENT for 90, and TOXEMIAS through the M for 80. He would have had a fourth bingo in a row, but Shan got down RETILING. Gabriel played small then came back with RECOPIED for 76. Then he got down TRANSIT toward the game's end. A 564-280 win for Gabriel.

I see Jason Broersma (Caledon ON) and Kristiina Overton (Maxville ON) go to the challenge machine and AEOUSTV comes off the board and back into Jason's rack. I think he played it to an S.

I'm not sure what is up with Chris Lipe. Guess we'll get his stuff later!

Chris Lipe writes:

Jason Ubeika (Mississauga ON) begins this last round with WHITIER, and then Juraj Pivovarov (Calgary AB) responds with WANDLIKE# from the W. Hold the play. Jason thinks for quite a while and eventually lets it go. For myself, I will never remember which of WANDLIKE# and DAWNLIKE is TWL and which is not.

Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC) and Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC) are playing in the final round. They sit down to play, and then stand up, and both head across the room to look at the Scoreboard projected on the wall, ostensibly to check who goes first. Lots of discussion, gesticulating, five minutes of pointing and arm swoops follow, until Dean says, "Let's just go play." They start to leave, but Dielle pulls him back and more pointing follows. Dean leaves to go back to the table, and as Dielle passes I ask her, "So, do you know now who goes first?" "Oh, right, first!" she says, and returns to the scoreboard for a quick look.

Max Panitch (Toronto ON) and Sinna Vijayakumar (Mississauga ON) are playing, and one of them has played HIBACHI natural (likely as a nonbingo). Delicious!

Matthew Tunnicliffe (Ottawa ON) is starting against Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) and has opened the game with sNUFFLE. He did not play it at 8C, to prevent the -UPAGUS extension to the triple.

I have to mention Randall Thomas (Calgary AB) and his amazing rack. It is bright yellow and has race car tires. Like, seriously, this is a pimped out rack with chrome rims and everything. I think he needs to get a tiny gasoline engine with dual exhaust and those little lights on the back and totally crunk that shizzle up. Right now Randall's ride is holding AEIOPRT and much to the chagrin of Lou Cornelis (Stoney Creek ON), it's time for everyone to exit the vehicle and line up around an open N on the board, earning Randall 50 bonus points for using all seven of his tiles.

If there's one thing a game between two Saldanhas can be counted on for, it's that lots of ludicrous and barely pronounceable phonies will be taken on and off the board. Imagine my bitter disappointment when I walk by the game and halfway through, not only are all the words on the board acceptable for club and tournament play in the United States and Canada, but no one has forfeited their turn due to a challenge issued against an unacceptable word played.

Ooh, Craig Rowland (Mississauga ON) has a nice one down against Chuck Abbate (Quispamsis NB) -- ASCARED, which, from the detritus of paperwork on the table, appears to have picked up the challenge.

Bingos which appear on multiple boards this round: CARTOON, EASTERN.

Back to the Saldanha board. ADDITION, WOOL, AZO, these are all good, wait for it.... okay Dean has played HAKA#. It's a pretty common word that just happens to be Collins-only.

At the tough-luck end of the room, Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) is playing Barbara Bultz (Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC) and Barbara had a nice play of TAILLESS -- cool find from AEILLSS. Late in the game Jesse extended QUAG to QUAGGAS, cool beans.

With clocks low and adrenaline high, Jason Broersma (Caledon ON) throws down ANTIbOS(ON)* against Kristiina Overton (Maxville ON). She lets it go and bingoes out with MANUrING for the 446-340 win.

Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom (Montreal QC) was so close to his first ever six bingo game! He made the equity play late, playing off HUM keeping JW with a crappy pool except for ES. If he'd fished off the WH, and pulled the ES, then POW! JUMBLES! As consolation, he did get the win over Shan Abbasi (Mississauga ON) 569-280.

All the games are done except for five tomorrow. We are getting ready to award prizes, I think, for high play each day, 3rd thru 10th place, etc. etc. Also there is no prize for best Canadian word, as each contestant would tie for having played "EH", eh? *rimshot* *tired joke* *deported back to the States*.

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