2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Final Round 3

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Finals 3

Adam goes first and the game has finally begun.


Marilyn Wilkins (Richmond BC) asks if Robin's kids play SCRABBLE. She says they see her study so much that SCRABBLE isn't fun for them. But she mentioned that Reese works the Nationals and is an assistant director. Reese just called in. :)

Adam played QI. We liked it.

Ross: CCGKRRV He passed, exchanged, keeping CR.

Adam: ADEILMR. Calling out MID or MI under QI. Adm played ID.

Ross: ACNRRTU. Trevor shouts out CURRANT. Chris points out that CID# is good in Collins. He played RUN. There were no really good options, so this is fine.

Adam: AEEILMR. We like MEALIER/RUNE. We expect it to come down. He did.

Ross: ABCORTT. It is 113-8. He played BORT. They liked BOT better, but it is fine, says the consensus.

Adam: ACENOVW. VOW/VID, but Robin asks to get more points. Chris says CAVERN.

Hey! Kevin Turner is here! :) He says "for no apparent reason." But we know he is picking up a box from Chris, his go-to mule.

Adam played ROWAN to the triple. It was fine.

Ross: ACEHLRT. 140-36, Adam's lead. I hear BACHELOR tossed out :) There is a 9 through the AT: CLATHRATE. He plays TRACHEAL. We clap. Robin asks would you play it there or lower. Better higher, everyone agrees with Ross. Go Ross!

Adam: ACEGUVY. Back to VUG/VID suggestions.

Two moms have arrived: Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) and Jackson Smylie (Toronto ON) have backup in the house!

VUG/GRID, was Adam's play. MEH.

Ross: ?EEFGIJ They say JEERER. He finds it! Yeah Ross!

Adam: AACEINY I hear YA down triple, AWAY/AE/AL. Trevor prefers YA down triple to block it. YA went down, Trevor was right.

Ross: ?FGIIOZ. Robin says there is nowhere to play. FIG/FID and keep the Z for the next turn. Kevin says ZOFTIG, and Chris says it is generally a good idea in life. :) He played FIZ, we think we preferred FIG.

Adam: ACEFINO, 194-178 Ross' lead. ZOECIA comes down. We ooh and ahh, we like it.

Ross: ?DGIMOO. I hear something like DOMINGO* to under the J. That was a suggestion for Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom (Montreal QC). OMIGOD# is good in Collins points Chris, our one-trick pony for Collins. :) MOO/JO went down, made an opening.

Adam: DEFLNNU. I hear ENUF. Robin says it is cool since there are no S hooks. UNWED through the W went down....

Ross: ?DGIOSS. Robin says that Ross is really picking well. I heard DOJOS. And COG, which Robin thinks is interesting. Score 234-209, Adam leads.This is fulcrum play says Robin, the rest of the game will be affected by how Ross plays now. I heard DOGS/DIGS. Robin questions Quackle on the whole I/O thing (she likes Os though). GID goes down.

Adam: AEFLNNT. What is Adam going to do? I hear OFT or EFT. She wants scoring plays. Robin suggests leaving no S hooks. He played DENTAL, good choice by Quackle.

Amy intrduces herself to us and her crew. She is loving this, the spinning board in the main room. Robin tells Amy about her Canadian flag board. Amy asks folks to bring good SCRABBLE stuff to club on Wednesday here in Toronto. Kevin Turner is going to pack his SCRABBLE underwear. Robin asks what Space TV's interest is in us. Amy says it is a super old game that is still so current, all generations want to play this game, it is online. Any says she will be here for 8 minutes before they go back to the game.

Back to game.

Ross: ?ABIOSS, 252-218, Adam's lead. WE are hearing there are 5 bingos that end with S. ABiOSIS comes down, WHOO HOO! We like it, maybe BIOMASS would have been safer.

Ross ahead: 284-252.

Adam: DEFHNTY. I hear FLYTE shouted out. Maybe DEFY. TYNED goes down. Quackle liked DEFY.

Ross: AIKLPWX. 290-284, adam's lead. Anyone's game! PLANK through N. PLINK to the triple through the L in DENTAL maybe? No he has no N. We hear WANK, he played it.

Adam: FHIIOSU. Robin makes the understatement, "This is not a great rack..." 316-290, Ross is ahead. He could play FLUSH but bad leave. Bad leave value. Quackle calls for exchange. He played FLUSH. Robin wanted him to save that H for the space above the M in MOO, but oh well.

Ross: AEILPPX. AXE next to flush comes down. We like it. Good for scoring. Quackle preferred SAX from the S to the triple.

Adam: EIIOORV, 349-323 Ross leads. VIREO, best play he could make.

Ross: AEILPPR, Ross up by 3 points, we are all so EXCITED here! Go Ross! HE should have played the the other play. He played APP on time.

Adam: ?GIONOST. We know Adam is going to bingo out and win. STOWING. aDS/STOwING. Adam wins.

Adam is the CNSC champion! Congrats Adam!

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