2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Final Round 1

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Finals 1

I'm told that Adam Logan (Ottawa ON) goes first this round.

Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) is here in a dress and killer heels! A few players are here for the first round: Jackson Smylie (Toronto ON), Morris Greenberg (Brookline, MA), and Micah Greenberg, Chris Williams (Vancouver BC), Lynda Wise, Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON), Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC), Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC), Trevor Sealy, and Randall Thomas (Calgary AB) in his Ottawa Sensators jersey.

Chris Lipe has just arrived and will be doing some Quackle summing for Robin.

Adam arrived just a few minutes ago and said he wasn't quite awake yet so he was going to do some studying to fully wake up. Ross was here bright and early and ready to go. The annotators are all in their places with bright shiny faces. John Chew will be on his computer in the playing room (2 rooms and 2 air walls away from us in the viewing theatre) with the annotators and the players.

The game is underway. Adam opens with KNOB, the crowd approves.

ACFFGIL, for Ross. People like GAFF, but Robin does not. FIG is the play that Robin likes and Quackle does, too. FANFIC through the N is another simmed possibility.

GAFF goes up.

GILMNTU, Adam's rack. People like FLUMING. Adam plays FLUTING, it tkes n S and maybe Ross doesn't know?

CEILOTU. We see LEUKOTIC thorugh the K, but does Ross know it? Ross payed ELUCTION*, which Adam called off. Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) called the phony, found it before it was shown to the room!

CDHMOOW, for Adam. Robin jokes that he has no place for CHOWDOM*. Some like DOOM. Robin says, "Let's get rid of that W, eh?" She explains that DOOM takes a Y. But Adam knows the rack.

Adam played WOK to block the real bingo in Ross' rack.

Back to Ross' CEILOTU. Robin likes UTILE, others like CLUE. We sim the best play to be OUTLIE and we wait to see what he does. He played COUNT.

Robin prepared for today by looking over some of Ross' games to comment on how he plays. She says he locks the board down often, even when behind, so COUNT makes sense for Ross.

ADAM CDHMOOR. Robin says Adam has to play alongside WOK. I hear CHROMO from Zev. Quackle likes DOOM or CHROMO. He plays CORM

Ross: AEILSUY. It is 84-40 in Adam's favor now. I suggest a play with an O which isn't in Ross' rack. :) We see GOA/ABY/AY. Robin prefers YULE/GAFFE. Quackle likes AY and EASY for 42 starting under WOK. He played YULE/GAFFE.

Adam: CDDEHNO HOD looks great, says Robin, lots of hooks. Robin suggests NOD because CH is so synergistic. Quackle like HODDEN, which no one had seen. Adam played HODDEN.

Ross: ?AIIISS Robin says he may have to pass here. Joke plays are being called out, pass IISS. :) Robin likes RAIS/FLUTINGS. Ross played DIS to the triple.

Adam: CIIRVWY. Can't play WIRY or IVY says Robin. Someone points out where WIRY can play through the R in CORM. Robin prefers VOW and so does Quackle. He played YWIS, everyone exclaims.

Ross: ?AEIILS. I hear calls for ALIENISM. There are two places and folks are deciding. Quackle like MILESIAn. Ross played ALIEnISM to the M.

From the playing room, I'm told that they had to fix the socre after this play as Ross had added incorrectly. Game continues.

Adam: CIJORTV. Happy with JIVE in room, but Quackles likes JO. Adam plays JIVE.

Ross: AAEEELO. I hear many small plays called out. AERO, ALOE calls out Juraj Pivovarov (Calgary AB). Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC) says EAVE. Quackle likes EAVE. I hear LEAVE.

Adam's rack: missed it, but Dieele likes CANTOR, Robin agrees. Oh, wait, Quackle likes COTAN, CONTRA, CANTOR. He played COTAN, Robin approves.

Ross: AAEOOST. Robin is not surprised to find more vowels on Adam's rack. Quackle likes OVA and AORTAS. Adam plays TOEA.

Ross: AAEORST. I hear AEROSAT called out. Robin sees nothing through C. He played TAO, missing his bingo. The room moans.

Adam: BDERRRX. VEX went down. Robin just said next as she knew Adam would do that, let's move on.

Ross: AEEIPRS. I hear folks call out OP/OP. Robin points out that Ross needs to not block the two bingo lanes open through the C in COTAN and above the O in TAO. Quackle say AY from the Y in YULE. Ross played PI.

Adam: BDERRRR. It is 301-227 in Adam's favor. Alice Ching-Chew shuts the air wall that was opened to help protect sound to the next room. Quckle likes BRRR, and Adam played it.

Ross: AEEHNRS. Robin says this is his one shot to catch up. She says that PI blocked one of the lanes he could have used had he picked the right tiles. Eleven tiles unseen to Ross. I hear a call for VEXER/ES. He plays RESH from the last R in Adam's last play.

Adam: DEEMNRT. Robin says that is Adam's first decent rack the entire game. We think that RESH was a hail mary for Ross to pick the black for an F bingo above it. Quackle likes EMEND/NE. Adam played REM/MY, blocking the possible F bingo lane.

Ross: AEGINRS. 325-235 in Adam's favor. Someone calls out FLUTINGS. Robin says play off the G and hope for INERTIAS. He did drop the G, LAG.

Adam: ?DENPTV. Adam has the tiles that Ross was hoping for. Robin says it stops being interesting now. Everything Adam could play leads to a win. Robin says, "Talk amongst yourselves." Adam played DOPE.

Ross: AEINRSU. Robin says, "As far as Ross knows, the T is still in the bag." He played URSINE. Robin said he gave up and she asks could he have won if had played AEROSATS? Maybe yes.

Adam: ?AENTVZ. He played AR.

Adam's win, 401-273. Ten-minute break now.

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