2013 CNSC

June 21–24, 2013

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Commentary: Final Round 2

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Finals 2

The players played anagrams in the foyer waiting for this game to start. I saw Shan Abbasi (Mississauga ON) with CONVERSATIONAL and Jesse Matthews (Kelowna BC) took it with CONVERSATIONALLY, which was too long to check in any word source. Jesse said to check Google, because Google liked him. :) I see OUTPOWER, THIONATE, FATIGUE, BAZOOKA, HUMANER, and QUEENED which was stolen for either QUEENSIDE or SEQUENCED. I wandered off....

Robin spoke to Ross and he saw LEUKOTIC but it was beyond his range of study and AEROSAT was just a complete miss. And now he knows FLUTINGS!

Ross will begin this game. His turn for that advantage!

Ross: EIKOTWW. I hear WOW and there is nothing to talk about, so let's talk about some bingos she had this event.

AEGSWW?, a bingo Robin had in the event. GEWGAWS. ALROTWW, a bingo Robin had... AWLWORT.

Adam: AEILLRU. RUELLIA# says Chris Lipe. I bet Adam sees it, too, but knows he can't play it. URIAL/AW/LO is suggested. Quackle likes exchange ILU. Adam played URIAL.

Ross: EIIKLTU. SUITLIKE :). KILTIE/AWE is suggested. Quackle likes it. HE played KILT down the triple.

Adam: EGLOMISE goes down. Robin likes it, finds it does not take an S or D.

Ross: EEINNTU. LUNE, GENU. Quackle likes ENNUI/WE. He played NUKE. Everyone thinks it is reasonable. It kills a 6-letter play to the triple and it blocks that, so she thinks it is a good play.

Adam: ACDLRVY. I hear VARY or CARRY. She asks about the E in EGLOMISE, can we play through it? Robin says that CARRY takes an S hook. CLARY was suggested. Quackle likes VARY. He played CARRY.

Ross: EIIMNST. SENTIMI/EGLOMISES goes down, adam holds, it goes off board.

Adam: ?DLORRV, 111-64, adam's lead. Adam played REV.

Ross: EIIMNST. ENMITIES is there, but is Ross a bit rattled by Adam? He played MIR to the triple.

Adam: ?DGLOOR. Chris finds GARDyLOO with Quackle. The rest of the room finds it. They are so happy! Adam played it!

Ross: EINPSTT. The room finds NEPOTIST. He found it! Yeah Ross! We are happy!

Adam: ?BEGIOR. Quackle finds a 10: BRyOLOGIEs. Will Adam find it? OvERBIG, OBlIGER (blank L) are other plays. He played REBOrING, through the N, which was called out by some.

Ross: AADEHIT. 257-153, Adam's lead. HADE went down.

Chris Lipe read aloud his piece from the round 13 commentary to the room at Robin's request. :) Great job!

Adam: ACEFOPT. He played CAPOTE.

Ross: AEFIQTU. Robin says to open the board and play FIQUE. It moves tiles and gives him a crack at some better ones. He played FIQUE.

Adam: DFIOSTT. Quackle likes FITS. He plays FIT.

Ross drops tile on the floor and picks it up, Adam does not see it, says John from the playing room.

Ross: AAINRTZ, 328-231, Adam's lead. I hear CZAR from the C. Robin says the board must be opened. RITZ, Robin says, because it does open a bit, but it may not be the best play. Quackle says CZAR and Robin laughs about her "crazy talk." Ross played RAN, considered not optimal.

BTW, Robin looks drop dead gorgeous today in a black and red sleeveless dress. Her black sandal wedges have cutouts on the bottom, so she looks like she is floating.

A Hasbro rep, Greg Ferguson, has arrived to check out the happenings!

Adam: DDIOSTV. Adam play VIDS, Robin's choice.

Ross: AIJNSTZ. I hear DJIN shouted out instantly from the D in VIDS to the triple. He played DITZ to the triple. The J needed to go, said Robin. He needed the Z for an AZ word along the G to to triple.

Adam: AAADNOT. I hear AA/TA/ZA. Adam plays DATA.

ROSs: AEEJNNS. 358-286, Adam's lead. Robin is still so sorry that Ross missed the possibility of AG/AZANS down the triple that would have caught him right up. Quackle is calling for NENE to the E by REBOrING or ENS/LOPE/WON/NEPOTISTS. Robin says, "Eh, such a mess..." ZABAJONE is what Chris finds as a possible play for Ross in the game. Robin says, "OMG, is that awesome!" He played ZEE, blocking the bottom lane.

Adam: ABENOOT, 358-300, Adam's lead. ABOOT* could go down, we think Canadians say ABOUT that way anyway, so why not? :)

Micah Greenberg is on the projector showing us the game and plays as they come up. Doing a great job, too. School SCRABBLE prepares all the kids so well!

Deen Hergot is here today enjoying the games with us. Max Panitch (Toronto ON) showed up with his cute son, Dean.

We think Adam is taking a long time now to make sure he doesn't miss a possible triple-triple for Ross. He played BAP/Bo/AL.

Ross: AJNNSUY. He played UNSAY down the triple. We like it, says Robin.

Adam: EHNOOTX. I hear people muttering about a J stick. Robin says he will take his sweet time to make it happen. I hear OX/OY from Trevor Sealy as a good play suggestion.

John Chew says Adam is chewing his collar, down to 1 minute on clock. Ross has more than 6 mins.

Trevor called it, OX goes down.

Ross: EJNN. We hear a joke about JENX, as a joke. She harkens back to DJIN, that would have taken care of all of this. That J had to go. DON went down.

Chris had simmer a million game ending options. Eric Tran (Calgary AB) is jealous. How did he get Quackle to do that. Chris waved him off, saying, talk to the hand, I'm cool. :)

Adam: played HON, is low on time, going fast.

Ross: EJN. 426-350. We are talking about HON being suboptimal, Chris says to cut him slack, he has no time on his clock. He plays EN.

Adam: ET. NE.

Ross: J.

455-364, Adam wins game 2.

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