2013 CNSC Early Bird

June 21, 2013

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Commentary: Round 5

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Round 5

Evening players arrive and check in before heading out for a couple more hours of study before tonight's games. One such player is Morris Greenberg. I was surprised to see him on the player roster. Turns out his dad is Canadian from Montreal. This former School SCRABBLE player took full advantage of his dual citizenship to join in this year! I normally see him at events with his brother, Micah, and his mom, Marla Choslovsky, all players. This event, Marla stayed home and dad, Paul, joined them! He says it is a country thing. Marla does the US events and he'll hang at the Canadian ones. Paul and Micah loved Morris' personalized rack and took a photo to put up on Facebook!

Trevor Sealy (Oshawa ON) is playing Eric Peters (Toronto ON) this round and they are both 4-0. A bit of excited trash talking took place before they headed in to see who would emerge the victor: can't wait to check in on their game!

Lisa Kessler, anxious to annotate, is trying this round to annotate both sides of a game and she's chosen the Trevor/Eric game! Got to see how this works out! I've never known an annotator to do both sides at once. I can hear her bracelets jingling!

Tony Leah (Ajax ON) vs John Robertson (Cambridge ON). John got down AuNTIES and Tony played ZONAE through the N to the triple. Tony also played TENACiTY and SPECTRA. His win. He often tells me what he could have played and in this round at one point, if John had put a C out, he had VERONICA. I tell Tony about my last tournament where my opponent held AEEDNSS. I played ZAG and he played AGEDNESS. Unimpressed, Tony said, "if you played a T, he'd have played ASSENTED, and I gave him ANISEEDS...." I said, "Okay, tough crowd here." :)

Lisa managed to annotate both sides of that game and John will have it up shortly. The only spoiler I will give is that it wasn't a tie and one of them indeed did win.

Lynda Wise (Toronto ON) defeated Fern Lindzon (Toronto ON) this round and it all came down to Fern not properly blocking a J play in the end game. She thought she was preventing Lynda from an easy J play, but she inadvertently opened another one and she shook her head as she told me. I hate pushing for specifics when folks are feeling down. What I do know is Fern got down SENNITS and Lynda played LEARNEDS and WHiNERs. Fern said Lynda played a really good game!

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