2013 CNSC Early Bird

June 21, 2013

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Commentary: Round 1

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Round 1

The first challenge of the round is called out and we realize that there is no challenge computer set up. John Chew handles it with Zyzzyva on his phone. The second call comes and we realize we really need to be more official and formal about it, so I turn my ipad around and offer it for the players to use. The second challenge: RECANING. Lynda Wise (Toronto ON) isn't loving the interface so John sets up a PC (gasp!) to handle challenges for the early bird.

Mad is counting T-shirts and making sure we have the right sizes for each player who ordered one. This year's event Protiles are the International tiles (square in shape, rather than a slightly rectangular). They are white with red lettering. And it wouldn't be a CNSC without the traditional maple leaf on each blank!

Jillian Bathgate (Toronto ON) is delighted with her 90-point REHEATED to the D. Her opponent, John Robertson (Cambridge ON), replied with RINGsIDE for 77. Despite a vast rating difference loses by on 22 points and she considers this a victory!

I glance at the Christopher Sykes (Cambridge ON) vs. Josh Greenway (Toronto ON) board. Each has down two bingos: John's OUtLIES for 67 and cOOLIES for 78. Chris has played COURSES for 78 and the painful REcANING through Josh's blank C for a 131-point triple-triple.

After the game, Alex Rodriguez (NYC, NY), sighs and tells me that Fern Lindzon (Toronto ON) "drew the bag" and killed him. I'd watched his game a bit and his scoresheet was very easy to read save for who was who on player 1 and player 2. While Alex got down SHOOTER for 70, it was Fern's REQUITEd for 84, INCAGES for 64, and hERALDED for 77 that won her the game, 443-332.

Trevor Sealy (Oshawa ON) and Caroline Polak Scowcroft (Australia) are just wrapping up as I walk by. A 465-247 win for Trevor. I see his LIVERIeS and ATANGLE*. He is embarrassed about the phony and says, "I think ATINGLE is good, eh?" I nodded. Caroline said, "I didn't challenge it, so it is good!" She's got the spirit!

A 402-345 win for Tony Leah (Ajax ON) in his game with Sharmaine Farini (Toronto ON) this round. I see her STARVED and TRAINEd and his PINcHES.

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