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NASC 2019: Finals

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In this year’s competition, in Divisions 1 and CSW, the top two contenders after Round 30 will advance to a best-of-three finals that will start and be streamed immediately, with viewing in the prize ceremony auditorium. All other players will play Round 31 as a classification round.

Division 1

Carl Johnson (Beaverton, OR) and Alec Sjoholm (Lynnwood, WA) qualified as finalists.

Alec Sjoholm (Lynnwood, WA) beats Carl Johnson (Beaverton, OR) 477-318 to win Round 1.

Carl Johnson (Beaverton, OR) beats Alec Sjoholm (Lynnwood, WA) 518-402 in Round 2 to tie the best-of-three series at one game apiece.

Alec Sjoholm (Lynnwood, WA) beats Carl Johnson (Beaverton, OR) 445-415 in the tiebreaker Round 3 to become the 2019 North American SCRABBLE Champion!@

Division CSW

Jesse Day (New York, NY) has qualified for the CSW finals after Round 29, with one round to go. Austin Shin (United Kingdom) qualified after Round 30.

Jesse Day (New York, NY) wins the first game, beating Austin Shin (United Kingdom) 507-430. Jesse Day (New York, NY) wins the second game as well, 513-415, defeating Austin Shin (United Kingdom) to become the 2019 NASC CSW Champion!

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