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NASSC 2016 Live Coverage

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Prize Table

1Grade 4 High WintrophiesDC School Scrabble 8 (#23) Marcus Lee, Cecilia Pirozzi, (Washington, DC) 360-275 vs. Surfing Giraffes (#38) Ali Restivo, Brooke Hovasse, (Burlington, MA)
2Grade 5 High WintrophiesSeawell (#57) Daniel Zhang, Bo Chi, (CHAPEL HILL, NC) 551-248 vs. St. John Lutheran School 1 (#34) Olivia Terry, Gillian Cutshaw, (Indianapolis, IN)
3Grade 6 High WintrophiesDC School Scrabble 6 (#22) Avey Anderson, Charles Lee, (Washington, DC) 476-83 vs. Philly Plays Scrabble - Team Diamond (#78) Chaya Anderson, Chasity Dorsey, (Philadelphia, PA)
4Grade 7 High WintrophiesToronto Champions (#71) Jamie Chew, Jack Bell, (Toronto, ON) 516-233 vs. Huaxia (#62) Karl Li, Kenneth Xu, (Valhalla, NY)
5Grade 8 High WintrophiesScrabble Cyclones (#56) Matias Shundi, Javier Contreras, (CHAPEL HILL, NC) 560-301 vs. BingoMakers56 (#51) Leo DeJong, Thomas Shundi, (CHAPEL HILL, NC)
6Mixed Grade High WintrophiesThe Panthers (#84) Yanni Raymond, Knox Daniel, (Charlottesville, VA) 548-172 vs. Eastern Greene Middle School 2 (#31) Holly Fizer, Lukas Hamm, (Bloomfield, IN)
7High LosstrophiesDC-VA Duo (#27) Logan Strzepek, Sammy Taubman, (Charlottesville/Washington, DC/VA) 408-438 vs. Backup (#63) Ben Lemke, Evan Bialo, (Toronto, ON)
8SportsmanshiptrophiesNizzy, Isabella Young + Nicky Faustini (They congratulated us when we won; They were nice to each other and worked together)
9Highest-Scoring BingotrophiesScrabble Cyclones Matias Shundi + Javier Contreras KAMOTIQ 114 pts
10MW Quiz DrawKindle FireAudrey Benford
11Rank: 10th$150, trophiesTwinWin (#40) Basil Sousounis, Christopher Sousounis, (Acton, MA) 5-2 +306
12Rank: 9th$150, trophiesDC School Scrabble 3 (#19) Lucy Levenson, Eliana Rosenthal, (Washington, DC) 5-2 +352
13Rank: 8th$200, trophiesDC School Scrabble 7 (#25) Harrison Benford, Julius Cohen, (Potomac/Washington, DC/MD) 5-2 +489
14Rank: 7th$250, trophiesJABZ (#9) Zach Ansell, Jonas Brown, (Fairfield, CT) 5-2 +503
15Rank: 6th$500, trophiesThe Python Squad (#49) Simon Chervenak, Aidan Cook, (Silver Spring/Takoma Park, MD) 6-1 +414
16Rank: 5th$750, trophiesSeawell (#57) Daniel Zhang, Bo Chi, (CHAPEL HILL, NC) 6-1 +486
17Rank: 4th$1,000, trophiesDC School Scrabble 1 (#18) Caleb Anderson, Chloe Fatsis, (Washington, DC) 6-1 +637
18Rank: 3rd$2,500, trophiesThe Panthers (#84) Yanni Raymond, Knox Daniel, (Charlottesville, VA) 6-1 +711
19Rank: 2nd$5,000, trophiesScrabble Cyclones (#56) Matias Shundi, Javier Contreras, (CHAPEL HILL, NC) Coach David Klionsky 7-0 +873 final loss
20Rank: 1st$10,000, trophiesLucky Thirteen (#3) Cooper Komatsu, Jem Burch, (Los Angeles, CA) Coach Cornelia Guest 6-1 +911 and Final Victory 411-401

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