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Player Rosters

Division A
38Walter C Young Scrabble Club 4
97 Scrabble Cyclones
47DC School Scrabble 3
2mixEast West Wizards
87DC School Scrabble 2
57DC School Scrabble 6
10mixWalter C Young Scrabble Club 2
117DC School Scrabble 4
68 Smith Cyclones
138Toronto Champions
14mixVista 6
158Walter C Young Scrabble Club 1
175Vista 2
125DC School Scrabble 7
188Vista 1
216Anagram Aces
206 The Bobcat Scrabblers
235Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 1
24mix Hampton Bays Baymen Team White
7mix Seawell/Smith Team
166 DC School Scrabble 5
19mix Hampton Bays Baymen Team Purple
226Jackman Jaguars
258St. John Lutheran School 1
268 Randolph Middle School Team A
278Double Nerd Score
288St. John Lutheran School 3
297 JR Masterman 2
307Eastern Greene Middle School 1
317Eastern Greene Middle School 3
327DC School Scrabble 1
337 Randolph Middle School Team C
34mixSt. John Lutheran School 2
35mixNorth Clay Jr. High
36mixEastern Greene Middle School 2
37mixVista 3
38mixVista 4
39mix Randolph Middle School Team B
40mix Randolph Middle School Team D
41mix Randolph Middle School Team E
42mixGlades Middle
43mixWalter C Young Scrabble Club 3
45mix Brown Brothers
466 Hampton Bays Baymen Team Gold
476Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 2
486 Thunder and Lightning
495Vista 5
504 Scrabble Scramblers
514DC School Scrabble 8: "Word Freaks"
524 Thy Dear Blanks
534 JR Masterman 1
544 The Sesquipedalians
554Golden State Scrabble Club
564 Scrabble Superstars
574 Word Mavens
584 The Mad Cats

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