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Round 4 Scores

Panthers10Randolph Middle School Team A2600
East West Wizards20DC School Scrabble 41100
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 430Sneechier4400
DC School Scrabble 340DC School Scrabble 6500
DC School Scrabble 650DC School Scrabble 3400
Smith Cyclones60Hampton Bays Baymen Team Purple1900
Seawell/Smith Team70Scrabble Cyclones900
DC School Scrabble 280Eastern Greene Middle School 13000
Scrabble Cyclones90Seawell/Smith Team700
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 2100DC School Scrabble 71200
DC School Scrabble 4110East West Wizards200
DC School Scrabble 7120Walter C Young Scrabble Club 21000
Toronto Champions130Jackman Jaguars2200
Vista 6140Randolph Middle School Team D4000
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 1150JR Masterman 15300
DC School Scrabble 5160Vista 54900
Vista 2170Scrabble Superstars5600
Vista 1180St. John Lutheran School 12500
Hampton Bays Baymen Team Purple190Smith Cyclones600
The Bobcat Scrabblers200Walter C Young Scrabble Club 34300
Anagram Aces210St. John Lutheran School 23400
Jackman Jaguars220Toronto Champions1300
Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 1230St. John Lutheran School 32800
Hampton Bays Baymen Team White240Vista 33700
St. John Lutheran School 1250Vista 11800
Randolph Middle School Team A260Panthers100
Double Nerd Score270Eastern Greene Middle School 33100
St. John Lutheran School 3280Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 12300
JR Masterman 2290Brown Brothers4500
Eastern Greene Middle School 1300DC School Scrabble 2800
Eastern Greene Middle School 3310Double Nerd Score2700
DC School Scrabble 1320Thunder and Lightning4800
Randolph Middle School Team C330The Sesquipedalians5400
St. John Lutheran School 2340Anagram Aces2100
North Clay Jr. High350Glades Middle4200
Eastern Greene Middle School 2360Thy Dear Blanks5200
Vista 3370Hampton Bays Baymen Team White2400
Vista 4380Word Mavens5700
Randolph Middle School Team B390DC School Scrabble 8: "Word Freaks"5100
Randolph Middle School Team D400Vista 61400
Randolph Middle School Team E410The Mad Cats5800
Glades Middle420North Clay Jr. High3500
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 3430The Bobcat Scrabblers2000
Sneechier440Walter C Young Scrabble Club 4300
Brown Brothers450JR Masterman 22900
Hampton Bays Baymen Team Gold460Golden State Scrabble Club5500
Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 2470Scrabble Scramblers5000
Thunder and Lightning480DC School Scrabble 13200
Vista 5490DC School Scrabble 51600
Scrabble Scramblers500Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 24700
DC School Scrabble 8: "Word Freaks"510Randolph Middle School Team B3900
Thy Dear Blanks520Eastern Greene Middle School 23600
JR Masterman 1530Walter C Young Scrabble Club 11500
The Sesquipedalians540Randolph Middle School Team C3300
Golden State Scrabble Club550Hampton Bays Baymen Team Gold4600
Scrabble Superstars560Vista 21700
Word Mavens570Vista 43800
The Mad Cats580Randolph Middle School Team E4100

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