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Round 1 Scores

Panthers1500Scrabble Scramblers5043457
East West Wizards2464Vista 337161303
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 43456Hampton Bays Baymen Team Gold46178278
DC School Scrabble 34401Glades Middle42257144
DC School Scrabble 65434St. John Lutheran School 234283151
Smith Cyclones6543Eastern Greene Middle School 236190353
Seawell/Smith Team7469Golden State Scrabble Club55180289
DC School Scrabble 28440St. John Lutheran School 328263177
Scrabble Cyclones9378Randolph Middle School Team C33223155
Walter C Young Scrabble Club 210342St. John Lutheran School 12526379
DC School Scrabble 411442Scrabble Superstars56191251
DC School Scrabble 712344The Sesquipedalians5425391
Hampton Bays Baymen Team Purple19255The Mad Cats5817085
Jackman Jaguars22423Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 247241182
Mount Pleasant Christian School Team 123292Word Mavens57176116
Randolph Middle School Team A26373Vista 11828687
JR Masterman 229337DC School Scrabble 51629641
Eastern Greene Middle School 130379Double Nerd Score27257122
Eastern Greene Middle School 331318Hampton Bays Baymen Team White24144174
DC School Scrabble 132441Vista 614252189
North Clay Jr. High35327Vista 2173216
Randolph Middle School Team B39425Walter C Young Scrabble Club 343290135
Randolph Middle School Team D40438Vista 438248190
Randolph Middle School Team E41415The Bobcat Scrabblers20281134
Brown Brothers45436Sneechier44333103
Thunder and Lightning48454Toronto Champions13287167
Vista 549232Thy Dear Blanks5216369
DC School Scrabble 8: "Word Freaks"51475Walter C Young Scrabble Club 115289186
JR Masterman 153341Anagram Aces2132021

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