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2022 North American SCRABBLE® Championship

Division CSW Round 29 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
 Shin, Austin (001): bye.
 Khatri, Waseem (036): bye.
2Tunnicliffe, Matthew (006) *first* vs. Vatjaranurathorn, Napat (035) repeat
3Castellano, Joshua (005) *first* vs. Sjoholm, Alec (004) 3peat
4Schoenbrun, Ben (007) *first* vs. Balogun, Rasheed Olajide (012) repeat
5Rau, Stefan (014) *first* vs. Eldar, David (002) 3peat
6Winter (015) *first* vs. Poh, Wolfram (020)
6Wapnick, Joel (008) *first* vs. Leah, Tony (011)
7Keller, Jason (003) *first* vs. Kinderman, Eric (016)
7Awowade, Femi (013) *first* vs. Prudencio, Marlon (033) repeat
8Kang, Terry (021) *first* vs. Ubeika, Jason (017) repeat
8Acquah, Kofi (034) *first* vs. Okosagah, Sammy (010) repeat
9Weiss, Tim (009) *first* vs. Lobo, Yvonne (025) repeat
9Catanese, Paula (023) *first* vs. Linn, Robert (018) repeat
10Wieckowski, Zbigniew (022) *first* vs. Obisesan, Ifedayo (029) repeat
10Fernando, Priya (026) *first* vs. Polak Scowcroft, Caroline (028) repeat
11Livermore, Noel (024) *first* vs. Sulaiman, Mohammad (019) repeat
12Roberdeau, Joe (030) *first* vs. Melvin, Cheryl (031) repeat

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