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2017 North American SCRABBLE® Championship

Division CSW2 Round 31 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
1Cleary, Lynda Woods (018) *first* vs. Roland, Tobey (003) repeat
2Feldkamp, Greg (006) *first* vs. Balakrishnan, Bharath (017) 4peat
3Polak Scowcroft, Caroline (009) *first* vs. Goldberg, Randi (005) 3peat
4Robertson, Heidi (010) *draws* vs. Crotty, Lila (002) repeat
5Johnson, Dallas (011) *draws* vs. Kennedy, Samuel (015) 3peat
6Nishimi, Keith (014) *first* vs. Giblin, William (004) 3peat
7Raviraj, Kaveri (012) *first* vs. Amby-Okolo, Cherish (021) 4peat
7Huber, Cecilia (020) *draws* vs. Melvin, Cheryl (013) 3peat
8Roberdeau, Joe (007) *draws* vs. Petrie, Shauna (001) 3peat
9Jackman, Liz (019) *draws* vs. Wei, Norman (022) 4peat
9Creech, Constance J (016) *first* vs. Gincel, Michael (023) 4peat

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