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2016 North American SCRABBLE® Championship

Division CSW Low Losses

2183590CGincel, Michael (041)Weiss, Tim (017)
1239584CGincel, Michael (041)Armstrong, Peter (006)
16241651CGincel, Michael (041)Linn, Robert (018)
7248465CKitchen, Scott (034)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
12252488CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Goldberg, Randi (035)
25252535CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
14254500CGincel, Michael (041)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
3259481CGincel, Michael (041)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
21261391CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
17261435CKhatri, Rafique (042)Brown, Lisa (045)
29266561CGincel, Michael (041)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
14268511BWeiss, Tim (017)Eldar, David (003)
13268503CKitchen, Scott (034)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
8268415CKhatri, Rafique (042)Ubeika, Jason (026)
14269504CPetrie, Shauna (039)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
4272556CKhatri, Rafique (042)Logan, Adam (001)
24273489CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Sharma, Dylan (044)
5273450CKhatri, Rafique (042)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
28278577BUbeika, Jason (026)Eldar, David (003)
27278517CKhatri, Rafique (042)Charles, Leslie (022)
25280441BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Dyer, Becky (023)
23280457CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Gabriel, Marty (007)
24280521CGincel, Michael (041)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
22281501CKhatri, Rafique (042)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
13282535AWinter (014)Armstrong, Peter (006)
5283409AGabriel, Marty (007)Weiss, Tim (017)
9283510BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Rau, Stefan (010)
28284469CGincel, Michael (041)Charles, Leslie (022)
14286469CRoland, Tobey (033)Kitchen, Scott (034)
8287386CGincel, Michael (041)Kitchen, Scott (034)
12288448CRau, Terry Kang (030)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
25288447CTurner, Kevin (031)Broersma, Jason (020)
25289510CFrancillon, Mark (037)Armstrong, Peter (006)
11290456AClinchy, Evans (002)Weiss, Tim (017)
7290514BWeiss, Tim (017)Logan, Adam (001)
23290483CRau, Terry Kang (030)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
10291451CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Petrie, Shauna (039)
12291492CGincel, Michael (041)Francillon, Mark (037)
29292495CKhatri, Rafique (042)Sharma, Dylan (044)
20293349CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Broersma, Jason (020)
23294426CKhatri, Rafique (042)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
4296403BWithers, Ben (019)Armstrong, Peter (006)
10296399BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Weiss, Tim (017)
20297478BWeiss, Tim (017)Armstrong, Peter (006)
14297424CTurner, Kevin (031)Goldberg, Randi (035)
26298497BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
26298511CGincel, Michael (041)Ubeika, Jason (026)
3299470BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Kinderman, Eric (036)
2299486CGoldberg, Randi (035)Charles, Leslie (022)
6302494CTurner, Kevin (031)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
4302346CGincel, Michael (041)Cleary, Lynda Woods (040)
16302404CKhatri, Rafique (042)Weil, Brent (038)
9303497BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Ubeika, Jason (026)
18303538CGincel, Michael (041)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
10304417ARau, Stefan (010)Eldar, David (003)
5304453CGincel, Michael (041)Goldberg, Randi (035)
21304468CGincel, Michael (041)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
10306489BWithers, Ben (019)Broersma, Jason (020)
11306543CTurner, Kevin (031)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
8307564BCharles, Leslie (022)Leah, Tony (012)
20307462CHamilton, Ruth (032)Linn, Robert (018)
17307545CGincel, Michael (041)Sharma, Dylan (044)
27309545CHamilton, Ruth (032)Ubeika, Jason (026)
28309462CKitchen, Scott (034)Kinderman, Eric (036)
15310353CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Turner, Kevin (031)
12310392CSharma, Dylan (044)Ubeika, Jason (026)
3311586ALeah, Tony (012)Logan, Adam (001)
28311457BBroersma, Jason (020)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
17311389CPetrie, Shauna (039)Goldberg, Randi (035)
3312465ARau, Stefan (010)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
12312541CRoland, Tobey (033)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
11312467CGoldberg, Randi (035)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
3312403CKhatri, Rafique (042)Turner, Kevin (031)
12312469CKhatri, Rafique (042)Kitchen, Scott (034)
26312615CKhatri, Rafique (042)Sharma, Puneet (029)
23313419BDyer, Becky (023)Bowman, Brian (008)
18313454BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Logan, Adam (001)
3313524CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Ubeika, Jason (026)
19313484CGincel, Michael (041)Broersma, Jason (020)
15313551CKhatri, Rafique (042)Roland, Tobey (033)
21314396CRau, Terry Kang (030)Kitchen, Scott (034)
26314392CPetrie, Shauna (039)Weil, Brent (038)
18314436CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
26314439CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Charles, Leslie (022)
25314409CKhatri, Rafique (042)Linn, Robert (018)
30315473ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
22315569CGincel, Michael (041)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
14315472CKhatri, Rafique (042)Francillon, Mark (037)
24315414CKhatri, Rafique (042)Broersma, Jason (020)
30316593AClinchy, Evans (002)Armstrong, Peter (006)
2316441CBrown, Lisa (045)Eldar, David (003)
13317558BUbeika, Jason (026)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
28317527BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
30317497CFrancillon, Mark (037)Linn, Robert (018)
15317517CGincel, Michael (041)Brown, Lisa (045)
12318540AEldar, David (003)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
25318472CWeil, Brent (038)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
29318433CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Wapnick, Joel (004)
2318511CKhatri, Rafique (042)Withers, Ben (019)
13318398CBrown, Lisa (045)Broersma, Jason (020)
7319408BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Winter (014)
19319452CRau, Terry Kang (030)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
25319494CRoland, Tobey (033)Charles, Leslie (022)
16319493CKitchen, Scott (034)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
13320501BLinn, Robert (018)Bowman, Brian (008)
23320434CGoldberg, Randi (035)Sharma, Dylan (044)
7320398CPetrie, Shauna (039)Sharma, Puneet (029)
7320390CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Roland, Tobey (033)
8321391BSharma, Puneet (029)Weiss, Tim (017)
6321365CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
9321499CKhatri, Rafique (042)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
26322397ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Clinchy, Evans (002)
9323492BWithers, Ben (019)Linn, Robert (018)
29323463BWithers, Ben (019)Brown, Lisa (045)
12323378CTurner, Kevin (031)Petrie, Shauna (039)
3323528CPetrie, Shauna (039)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
23323575CPetrie, Shauna (039)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
24323398CBrown, Lisa (045)Turner, Kevin (031)
22324525AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Clinchy, Evans (002)
22324542BDyer, Becky (023)Winter (014)
20324489CPetrie, Shauna (039)Kinderman, Eric (036)
17324506CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Linn, Robert (018)
10324512CGincel, Michael (041)Roland, Tobey (033)
12325418ALogan, Adam (001)Wapnick, Joel (004)
16325420BBroersma, Jason (020)Francillon, Mark (037)
21325476CHamilton, Ruth (032)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
20325483CKitchen, Scott (034)Turner, Kevin (031)
8325430CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Weil, Brent (038)
20325389CKhatri, Rafique (042)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
24326492AWapnick, Joel (004)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
13326520AGabriel, Marty (007)Eldar, David (003)
19326445BWeiss, Tim (017)Bowman, Brian (008)
10326465CKinderman, Eric (036)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
9326497CFrancillon, Mark (037)Roland, Tobey (033)
1326465CBrown, Lisa (045)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
7327467CHamilton, Ruth (032)Gabriel, Marty (007)
27327435CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
19328427BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Roland, Tobey (033)
5328445BWithers, Ben (019)Dyer, Becky (023)
27329397CSharma, Dylan (044)Petrie, Shauna (039)
20330398BCharles, Leslie (022)Dyer, Becky (023)
22330405BCharles, Leslie (022)Turner, Kevin (031)
15330482CRau, Terry Kang (030)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
30330425CTurner, Kevin (031)Goldberg, Randi (035)
22330507CRoland, Tobey (033)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
9330360CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Kitchen, Scott (034)
30330388CGincel, Michael (041)Khatri, Rafique (042)
27331386CGincel, Michael (041)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
25331489CBrown, Lisa (045)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
1332423AWapnick, Joel (004)Roland, Tobey (033)
27332461CKitchen, Scott (034)Rau, Stefan (010)
16333524ARau, Stefan (010)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
4333383BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Polatnick, Steve (011)
27333558BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Armstrong, Peter (006)
4333526CGoldberg, Randi (035)Kitchen, Scott (034)
7333433CGincel, Michael (041)Leah, Tony (012)
11333498CGincel, Michael (041)Petrie, Shauna (039)
11333409CKhatri, Rafique (042)Cleary, Lynda Woods (040)
20334600AWapnick, Joel (004)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
26334436AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Winter (014)
5334378AWinter (014)Eldar, David (003)
11334404CRau, Terry Kang (030)Withers, Ben (019)
30334456CRoland, Tobey (033)Brown, Lisa (045)
6334386CGincel, Michael (041)Khatri, Rafique (042)
21335539ABowman, Brian (008)Clinchy, Evans (002)
4335555BBroersma, Jason (020)Linn, Robert (018)
9335513CGoldberg, Randi (035)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
5336461ALeah, Tony (012)Wapnick, Joel (004)
29336475CRoland, Tobey (033)Bowman, Brian (008)
22336446CSharma, Dylan (044)Gabriel, Marty (007)
8336492CBrown, Lisa (045)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
12337377BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Withers, Ben (019)
16337386BSharma, Puneet (029)Kinderman, Eric (036)
22337439CKitchen, Scott (034)Brown, Lisa (045)
10337405CKhatri, Rafique (042)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
21338475BWithers, Ben (019)Polatnick, Steve (011)
9338463BBroersma, Jason (020)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
7338500CWeil, Brent (038)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
10338466CSharma, Dylan (044)Leah, Tony (012)
24339419AClinchy, Evans (002)Logan, Adam (001)
30339363BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Sharma, Dylan (044)
27339478CTurner, Kevin (031)Weil, Brent (038)
6339453CWeil, Brent (038)Wapnick, Joel (004)
24339474CPetrie, Shauna (039)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
25339494CPetrie, Shauna (039)Withers, Ben (019)
22340459CFrancillon, Mark (037)Wapnick, Joel (004)
3341407AGabriel, Marty (007)Charles, Leslie (022)
24341383CHamilton, Ruth (032)Charles, Leslie (022)
2341398CFrancillon, Mark (037)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
18341403CPetrie, Shauna (039)Kitchen, Scott (034)
14342504ALeah, Tony (012)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
9342466CGincel, Michael (041)Weil, Brent (038)
25342418CSharma, Dylan (044)Kitchen, Scott (034)
28343444ABowman, Brian (008)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
18343470BBroersma, Jason (020)Sharma, Dylan (044)
30343422BSharma, Puneet (029)Weil, Brent (038)
23343529CKitchen, Scott (034)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
13343462CKhatri, Rafique (042)Petrie, Shauna (039)
29344387BLinn, Robert (018)Rau, Stefan (010)
6344389BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Brown, Lisa (045)
6344508CKitchen, Scott (034)Leah, Tony (012)
20344439CGoldberg, Randi (035)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
16344387CPetrie, Shauna (039)Brown, Lisa (045)
23344429CGincel, Michael (041)Sharma, Puneet (029)
18344416CKhatri, Rafique (042)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
20345499ALogan, Adam (001)Winter (014)
11345506BCharles, Leslie (022)Sharma, Puneet (029)
15345486BCharles, Leslie (022)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
14345485CHamilton, Ruth (032)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
16346488BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Charles, Leslie (022)
28346396CRoland, Tobey (033)Sharma, Dylan (044)
27346458CKinderman, Eric (036)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
5346423CBrown, Lisa (045)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
9347390AClinchy, Evans (002)Winter (014)
24347410AArmstrong, Peter (006)Winter (014)
27347446AGabriel, Marty (007)Broersma, Jason (020)
9347406BDyer, Becky (023)Logan, Adam (001)
30347376BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Withers, Ben (019)
1347436CTurner, Kevin (031)Withers, Ben (019)
28347521CKhatri, Rafique (042)Gabriel, Marty (007)
17348449APolatnick, Steve (011)Logan, Adam (001)
19348425APolatnick, Steve (011)Winter (014)
11348397CKitchen, Scott (034)Francillon, Mark (037)
5348545CKinderman, Eric (036)Clinchy, Evans (002)
30348416CKinderman, Eric (036)Weiss, Tim (017)
16349443ALogan, Adam (001)Bowman, Brian (008)
30349373CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Petrie, Shauna (039)
23350492AEldar, David (003)Francillon, Mark (037)
22350475ALeah, Tony (012)Bowman, Brian (008)
26350357BDyer, Becky (023)Broersma, Jason (020)
19350474BUbeika, Jason (026)Gabriel, Marty (007)
2351551CKitchen, Scott (034)Winter (014)
13351352CGincel, Michael (041)Turner, Kevin (031)
20352491AClinchy, Evans (002)Withers, Ben (019)
5352413ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Ubeika, Jason (026)
28352536BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
6352502BLinn, Robert (018)Clinchy, Evans (002)
26352482CRau, Terry Kang (030)Linn, Robert (018)
2352408CRoland, Tobey (033)Linn, Robert (018)
16352479CGoldberg, Randi (035)Roland, Tobey (033)
28352380CWeil, Brent (038)Dyer, Becky (023)
23353458BBowerman, Kevin (025)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
25353415BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
9353452CPetrie, Shauna (039)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
2353430CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
13354423APolatnick, Steve (011)Clinchy, Evans (002)
21354394BUbeika, Jason (026)Roland, Tobey (033)
7354457CTurner, Kevin (031)Dyer, Becky (023)
15354438CSharma, Dylan (044)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
10355452CKitchen, Scott (034)Weil, Brent (038)
23355373CBrown, Lisa (045)Kinderman, Eric (036)
19356413ARau, Stefan (010)Leah, Tony (012)
30356387BUbeika, Jason (026)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
13356431BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Weil, Brent (038)
6357378AArmstrong, Peter (006)Eldar, David (003)
4357489BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Dyer, Becky (023)
3357461CFrancillon, Mark (037)Dyer, Becky (023)
11358397APolatnick, Steve (011)Eldar, David (003)
24358385CRau, Terry Kang (030)Sharma, Puneet (029)
1358418CKitchen, Scott (034)Polatnick, Steve (011)
18359556AThevenot, Geoff (005)Eldar, David (003)
28359364AThevenot, Geoff (005)Winter (014)
6359418BUbeika, Jason (026)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
4359406CHamilton, Ruth (032)Francillon, Mark (037)
24360425AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Weiss, Tim (017)
12360433AWinter (014)Weiss, Tim (017)
22360545BBroersma, Jason (020)Goldberg, Randi (035)
17360458BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Sharma, Puneet (029)
28360491BSharma, Puneet (029)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
1361407BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Ubeika, Jason (026)
16361413BWeiss, Tim (017)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
11361373BBowerman, Kevin (025)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
4361477CRau, Terry Kang (030)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
5361419CHamilton, Ruth (032)Sharma, Dylan (044)
18361454CRoland, Tobey (033)Turner, Kevin (031)
12361407CWeil, Brent (038)Charles, Leslie (022)
23362585AThevenot, Geoff (005)Clinchy, Evans (002)
8362421AArmstrong, Peter (006)Rau, Stefan (010)
5362415BLinn, Robert (018)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
26362425CTurner, Kevin (031)Sharma, Dylan (044)
3363407ABowman, Brian (008)Withers, Ben (019)
2363386ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Turner, Kevin (031)
5363533CRau, Terry Kang (030)Bowman, Brian (008)
7363547CFrancillon, Mark (037)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
22364462AThevenot, Geoff (005)Logan, Adam (001)
1364382BLinn, Robert (018)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
6364381BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
30364459BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Gabriel, Marty (007)
9364491BSharma, Puneet (029)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
26364470CRoland, Tobey (033)Rau, Stefan (010)
4365496AWapnick, Joel (004)Turner, Kevin (031)
14365415ARau, Stefan (010)Ubeika, Jason (026)
26365561BWeiss, Tim (017)Logan, Adam (001)
19365382BBowerman, Kevin (025)Weil, Brent (038)
21365429CTurner, Kevin (031)Rau, Stefan (010)
13365384CRoland, Tobey (033)Withers, Ben (019)
8365485CKinderman, Eric (036)Bowman, Brian (008)
13366477BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Dyer, Becky (023)
14366430BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Clinchy, Evans (002)
6366463BBowerman, Kevin (025)Gabriel, Marty (007)
18366503BBowerman, Kevin (025)Weiss, Tim (017)
9366436CTurner, Kevin (031)Weiss, Tim (017)
8366388CHamilton, Ruth (032)Goldberg, Randi (035)
27366394CFrancillon, Mark (037)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
21366537CWeil, Brent (038)Francillon, Mark (037)
30367410AThevenot, Geoff (005)Logan, Adam (001)
16367586BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Sharma, Dylan (044)
26367436BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Eldar, David (003)
1367402BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Leah, Tony (012)
1367407CHamilton, Ruth (032)Weiss, Tim (017)
4367469CRoland, Tobey (033)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
7367401CGoldberg, Randi (035)Khatri, Rafique (042)
2367412CSharma, Dylan (044)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
13368512ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Leah, Tony (012)
8368418BLinn, Robert (018)Gabriel, Marty (007)
15368463CKinderman, Eric (036)Broersma, Jason (020)
24368391CFrancillon, Mark (037)Polatnick, Steve (011)
6368506CPetrie, Shauna (039)Bowman, Brian (008)
28369440BWeiss, Tim (017)Clinchy, Evans (002)
17369497BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
24369386BDyer, Becky (023)Linn, Robert (018)
13369447BSharma, Puneet (029)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
4369460CKinderman, Eric (036)Eldar, David (003)
28369510CPetrie, Shauna (039)Leah, Tony (012)
1369510CSharma, Dylan (044)Clinchy, Evans (002)
12370481BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
20370442BUbeika, Jason (026)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
5370488CWeil, Brent (038)Sharma, Puneet (029)
11371455BBroersma, Jason (020)Leah, Tony (012)
29371503BBroersma, Jason (020)Weil, Brent (038)
21371492BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
2371432BBowerman, Kevin (025)Clinchy, Evans (002)
2371468BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Wapnick, Joel (004)
26371516BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
13371373CKinderman, Eric (036)Sharma, Dylan (044)
19371374CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
16372419ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Winter (014)
29372383AWinter (014)Clinchy, Evans (002)
22372551BWithers, Ben (019)Weiss, Tim (017)
7372491BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Polatnick, Steve (011)
8372404BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Sharma, Dylan (044)
18372462BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
21373392AThevenot, Geoff (005)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
8373409BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Winter (014)
23373435BWithers, Ben (019)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
22374538AArmstrong, Peter (006)Eldar, David (003)
25374480AWinter (014)Eldar, David (003)
10374439BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Linn, Robert (018)
6374385BCharles, Leslie (022)Polatnick, Steve (011)
17374490BDyer, Becky (023)Weiss, Tim (017)
1374492CFrancillon, Mark (037)Rau, Stefan (010)
17374410CFrancillon, Mark (037)Withers, Ben (019)
15375447ALogan, Adam (001)Clinchy, Evans (002)
5375480APolatnick, Steve (011)Turner, Kevin (031)
17375412BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
5375420CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Francillon, Mark (037)
25375475CGincel, Michael (041)Rau, Stefan (010)
29376488AArmstrong, Peter (006)Logan, Adam (001)
3376489BBroersma, Jason (020)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
20376432BBowerman, Kevin (025)Francillon, Mark (037)
19376446CKinderman, Eric (036)Goldberg, Randi (035)
14376540CWeil, Brent (038)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
21376449CPetrie, Shauna (039)Charles, Leslie (022)
6377440ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Weiss, Tim (017)
10377455CFrancillon, Mark (037)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
26378484APolatnick, Steve (011)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
17378407BBroersma, Jason (020)Ubeika, Jason (026)
2378596BUbeika, Jason (026)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
19378380BSharma, Puneet (029)Turner, Kevin (031)
10378409CRau, Terry Kang (030)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
3378403CRoland, Tobey (033)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
14378400CSharma, Dylan (044)Charles, Leslie (022)
26378464CBrown, Lisa (045)Leah, Tony (012)
15379417AGabriel, Marty (007)Winter (014)
3379417CWeil, Brent (038)Brown, Lisa (045)
8380480ALogan, Adam (001)Eldar, David (003)
10380473AGabriel, Marty (007)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
24380408ALeah, Tony (012)Withers, Ben (019)
29380550CGoldberg, Randi (035)Eldar, David (003)
7380457CBrown, Lisa (045)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
18381430ALeah, Tony (012)Francillon, Mark (037)
11381409ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
1381462BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Dyer, Becky (023)
14381452BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Bowman, Brian (008)
1382448ALogan, Adam (001)Kinderman, Eric (036)
24382414ABowman, Brian (008)Eldar, David (003)
16382429APolatnick, Steve (011)Armstrong, Peter (006)
4382470ALeah, Tony (012)Gabriel, Marty (007)
19382487BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
30382420BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Leah, Tony (012)
14382432BDyer, Becky (023)Armstrong, Peter (006)
8382413CTurner, Kevin (031)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
12382395CHamilton, Ruth (032)Dyer, Becky (023)
6382428CRoland, Tobey (033)Broersma, Jason (020)
24382395CKitchen, Scott (034)Ubeika, Jason (026)
4382484CPetrie, Shauna (039)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
22382388CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Sharma, Puneet (029)
9383393AThevenot, Geoff (005)Eldar, David (003)
18383572AWinter (014)Clinchy, Evans (002)
5383477BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
25383508BSharma, Puneet (029)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
21383595CGoldberg, Randi (035)Linn, Robert (018)
11384422AThevenot, Geoff (005)Logan, Adam (001)
23384465ARau, Stefan (010)Weiss, Tim (017)
12384483ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Bowman, Brian (008)
9384397BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Polatnick, Steve (011)
20384393BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Gincel, Michael (041)
19384459CBrown, Lisa (045)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
14385437BWithers, Ben (019)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
7385544BBroersma, Jason (020)Wapnick, Joel (004)
21385427BBowerman, Kevin (025)Sharma, Puneet (029)
13385484CHamilton, Ruth (032)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
23385498CRoland, Tobey (033)Weil, Brent (038)
13385404CGoldberg, Randi (035)Francillon, Mark (037)
20385557CSharma, Dylan (044)Rau, Stefan (010)
27385403CBrown, Lisa (045)Linn, Robert (018)
26386482ABowman, Brian (008)Armstrong, Peter (006)
8386400BWithers, Ben (019)Wapnick, Joel (004)
8386429BDyer, Becky (023)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
18386428BUbeika, Jason (026)Weil, Brent (038)
6386404CRau, Terry Kang (030)Sharma, Dylan (044)
16386466CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
21386434CBrown, Lisa (045)Gabriel, Marty (007)
20387493AGabriel, Marty (007)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
22387467ARau, Stefan (010)Polatnick, Steve (011)
12387596BLinn, Robert (018)Leah, Tony (012)
7387488BCharles, Leslie (022)Rau, Stefan (010)
30387465BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Eldar, David (003)
27388528AWapnick, Joel (004)Sharma, Puneet (029)
27388408ABowman, Brian (008)Weiss, Tim (017)
30388473ABowman, Brian (008)Charles, Leslie (022)
23388462ALeah, Tony (012)Wapnick, Joel (004)
21388463ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Dyer, Becky (023)
16388419BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Withers, Ben (019)
8388403BBowerman, Kevin (025)Broersma, Jason (020)
24388402CGoldberg, Randi (035)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
15389641AWapnick, Joel (004)Eldar, David (003)
15389423ABowman, Brian (008)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
17389393ABowman, Brian (008)Leah, Tony (012)
11389475ARau, Stefan (010)Winter (014)
10389490BBowerman, Kevin (025)Charles, Leslie (022)
16389500BUbeika, Jason (026)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
19389419CKhatri, Rafique (042)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
20389483CBrown, Lisa (045)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
26390466AGabriel, Marty (007)Wapnick, Joel (004)
30390432APolatnick, Steve (011)Wapnick, Joel (004)
18390438BDyer, Becky (023)Polatnick, Steve (011)
4390431BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Bowman, Brian (008)
8390470CRoland, Tobey (033)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
3390474CKitchen, Scott (034)Sharma, Puneet (029)
28391492BBowerman, Kevin (025)Linn, Robert (018)
11391449BUbeika, Jason (026)Kinderman, Eric (036)
11391440CRoland, Tobey (033)Brown, Lisa (045)
29391411CKinderman, Eric (036)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
23392452BBroersma, Jason (020)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
10392430CTurner, Kevin (031)Ubeika, Jason (026)
24392418CWeil, Brent (038)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
24393500ARau, Stefan (010)Kinderman, Eric (036)
3393522ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Eldar, David (003)
14393454BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
25393456BUbeika, Jason (026)Goldberg, Randi (035)
1393415CPetrie, Shauna (039)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
1393432CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
21393568CSharma, Dylan (044)Armstrong, Peter (006)
27394424ALogan, Adam (001)Clinchy, Evans (002)
19394447AArmstrong, Peter (006)Clinchy, Evans (002)
8394395BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
29394463BSharma, Puneet (029)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
19394451CPetrie, Shauna (039)Linn, Robert (018)
13394481CCleary, Lynda Woods (040)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
12395465AClinchy, Evans (002)Armstrong, Peter (006)
9395401ABowman, Brian (008)Gabriel, Marty (007)
18395397CHamilton, Ruth (032)Brown, Lisa (045)
6396551AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Rau, Stefan (010)
28396409BWithers, Ben (019)Cleary, Lynda Woods (040)
7396432BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
2397418ALeah, Tony (012)Kinderman, Eric (036)
4397516BCharles, Leslie (022)Winter (014)
5397429BCharles, Leslie (022)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
15397453BUbeika, Jason (026)Dyer, Becky (023)
16398439ALeah, Tony (012)Eldar, David (003)
19398415BDyer, Becky (023)Sharma, Dylan (044)
17398519CKitchen, Scott (034)Charles, Leslie (022)
3399490AWapnick, Joel (004)Linn, Robert (018)
17399452AWapnick, Joel (004)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
19399429AWapnick, Joel (004)Eldar, David (003)
1399424CRau, Terry Kang (030)Broersma, Jason (020)
25399534CKinderman, Eric (036)Gabriel, Marty (007)
7399403CSharma, Dylan (044)Bowman, Brian (008)
16400468AGabriel, Marty (007)Dyer, Becky (023)
4400479AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
15400434BLinn, Robert (018)Kitchen, Scott (034)
19400444BCharles, Leslie (022)Francillon, Mark (037)
9400426BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Sharma, Dylan (044)
18400428BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Kinderman, Eric (036)
15400424BSharma, Puneet (029)Withers, Ben (019)
20400406CRoland, Tobey (033)Sharma, Puneet (029)
3401494APolatnick, Steve (011)Winter (014)
27401481ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
15401466BWeiss, Tim (017)Polatnick, Steve (011)
23401430BLinn, Robert (018)Polatnick, Steve (011)
4401421BUbeika, Jason (026)Brown, Lisa (045)
15401437BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Leah, Tony (012)
2401459BSharma, Puneet (029)Polatnick, Steve (011)
17401446CRoland, Tobey (033)Hamilton, Ruth (032)
6401421CFrancillon, Mark (037)Sharma, Puneet (029)
21401409CKhatri, Rafique (042)Kinderman, Eric (036)
13402544AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Logan, Adam (001)
23402432AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Winter (014)
19402464BWithers, Ben (019)Logan, Adam (001)
27402413BDyer, Becky (023)Roland, Tobey (033)
6402426BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Goldberg, Randi (035)
24402518BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
25403622AWapnick, Joel (004)Clinchy, Evans (002)
11403474BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
20403523BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
7403476BUbeika, Jason (026)Linn, Robert (018)
16403421CHamilton, Ruth (032)Turner, Kevin (031)
12404481BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Broersma, Jason (020)
18405497AArmstrong, Peter (006)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
14405522AWinter (014)Wapnick, Joel (004)
14405409CBrown, Lisa (045)Cleary, Lynda Woods (040)
7406509AClinchy, Evans (002)Eldar, David (003)
28406506AWapnick, Joel (004)Logan, Adam (001)
13407480AThevenot, Geoff (005)Rau, Stefan (010)
14407486APolatnick, Steve (011)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
9407428BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Armstrong, Peter (006)
22407473BLinn, Robert (018)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
1407466BBowerman, Kevin (025)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
4407475BSharma, Puneet (029)Sharma, Dylan (044)
4407450CWeil, Brent (038)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
8408424BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Polatnick, Steve (011)
23408453CTurner, Kevin (031)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
22408474CHamilton, Ruth (032)Weil, Brent (038)
1408441CGoldberg, Randi (035)Gabriel, Marty (007)
15408411CPetrie, Shauna (039)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
9409414ALeah, Tony (012)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
14409424BLinn, Robert (018)Kinderman, Eric (036)
8409515BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Clinchy, Evans (002)
28409462CTurner, Kevin (031)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
5409444CRoland, Tobey (033)Petrie, Shauna (039)
29410417AGabriel, Marty (007)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
6410417AWinter (014)Logan, Adam (001)
21410465BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Broersma, Jason (020)
11410457BDyer, Becky (023)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
29410468BDyer, Becky (023)Petrie, Shauna (039)
3410503CSharma, Dylan (044)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
25411425ALeah, Tony (012)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
29411445BWeiss, Tim (017)Francillon, Mark (037)
9412521AWapnick, Joel (004)Kinderman, Eric (036)
30412479BBroersma, Jason (020)Bowerman, Kevin (025)
26413492BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Goldberg, Randi (035)
17413434BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Gabriel, Marty (007)
7414494AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
8414472CPetrie, Shauna (039)Francillon, Mark (037)
11415420BLinn, Robert (018)Sharma, Dylan (044)
18416498ABowman, Brian (008)Wapnick, Joel (004)
18416513BSharma, Puneet (029)Goldberg, Randi (035)
17417513AArmstrong, Peter (006)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
14417515BBroersma, Jason (020)Sharma, Puneet (029)
29417422BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
17417456CTurner, Kevin (031)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
12417435CKinderman, Eric (036)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
13419435BWeiss, Tim (017)Wapnick, Joel (004)
19419428CHamilton, Ruth (032)Kitchen, Scott (034)
6419446CKinderman, Eric (036)Dyer, Becky (023)
26420516BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Kinderman, Eric (036)
29420439BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
2420429CRau, Terry Kang (030)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
5420430CKitchen, Scott (034)Broersma, Jason (020)
10420434CGoldberg, Randi (035)Brown, Lisa (045)
20420508CWeil, Brent (038)Leah, Tony (012)
24421478BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Roland, Tobey (033)
29421436BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Kitchen, Scott (034)
2421467BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Logan, Adam (001)
22421436CRau, Terry Kang (030)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
15422423BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
15422455CGoldberg, Randi (035)Weil, Brent (038)
3423444AThevenot, Geoff (005)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
15423466BBowerman, Kevin (025)Rau, Stefan (010)
26424435BWithers, Ben (019)Kitchen, Scott (034)
27424467BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
3424504CGoldberg, Randi (035)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
12424464CBrown, Lisa (045)Sharma, Puneet (029)
23425467ALogan, Adam (001)Armstrong, Peter (006)
5425436ARau, Stefan (010)Olotu, Fidelis (015)
1425440BSharma, Puneet (029)Winter (014)
15426463AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Armstrong, Peter (006)
21426447AWinter (014)Wapnick, Joel (004)
18426442BLinn, Robert (018)Charles, Leslie (022)
7426472BWithers, Ben (019)Kinderman, Eric (036)
28426477BO'Connor, Matthew (021)Goldberg, Randi (035)
2426464BDyer, Becky (023)Rau, Stefan (010)
16426452BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Wapnick, Joel (004)
12427468AThevenot, Geoff (005)Polatnick, Steve (011)
12427531ARau, Stefan (010)Gabriel, Marty (007)
9427448CBrown, Lisa (045)Charles, Leslie (022)
27429432AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Polatnick, Steve (011)
26431495BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)Francillon, Mark (037)
25432484AThevenot, Geoff (005)Bowman, Brian (008)
27432486BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Leah, Tony (012)
25432435CHamilton, Ruth (032)Phiphatboonserm, Manop (016)
14434456AGabriel, Marty (007)Logan, Adam (001)
23434457BCharles, Leslie (022)Ubeika, Jason (026)
25435486AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Logan, Adam (001)
10436441AArmstrong, Peter (006)Bowman, Brian (008)
11438445AArmstrong, Peter (006)Gabriel, Marty (007)
25438457BWeiss, Tim (017)Polatnick, Steve (011)
21440454ALeah, Tony (012)Weiss, Tim (017)
10440518BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Wapnick, Joel (004)
15440511BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Francillon, Mark (037)
13441455BCharles, Leslie (022)Rau, Terry Kang (030)
7442482AArmstrong, Peter (006)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
22442451BUbeika, Jason (026)Petrie, Shauna (039)
2442445CHamilton, Ruth (032)Armstrong, Peter (006)
10443465ALogan, Adam (001)Polatnick, Steve (011)
20443452APolatnick, Steve (011)Bowman, Brian (008)
3443546BWeiss, Tim (017)Armstrong, Peter (006)
17443455BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Winter (014)
29444466APolatnick, Steve (011)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
3444512BPhiphatboonserm, Manop (016)Clinchy, Evans (002)
29444469BCharles, Leslie (022)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
28445483APolatnick, Steve (011)Armstrong, Peter (006)
16447480AClinchy, Evans (002)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
11447514ABowman, Brian (008)Wapnick, Joel (004)
22447468BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Kinderman, Eric (036)
28447468CBrown, Lisa (045)Francillon, Mark (037)
30448452ARau, Stefan (010)Winter (014)
5448562BBowerman, Kevin (025)Markwei, Ezekiel (027)
29449468BUbeika, Jason (026)Leah, Tony (012)
22450468BMarkwei, Ezekiel (027)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
4451462AClinchy, Evans (002)Rau, Stefan (010)
17453468AClinchy, Evans (002)Eldar, David (003)
6453514BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Withers, Ben (019)
20454474AEldar, David (003)Whitmarsh, Bradley (009)
21456513AEldar, David (003)Logan, Adam (001)
2457519AGabriel, Marty (007)Sulaiman, Mohammad (028)
17457522ASchoenbrun, Ben (013)Rau, Stefan (010)
19459576AWhitmarsh, Bradley (009)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
1459474BSulaiman, Mohammad (028)Charles, Leslie (022)
27460461AWinter (014)Eldar, David (003)
24461477AGabriel, Marty (007)O'Connor, Matthew (021)
4461545BWeiss, Tim (017)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
10461463BSharma, Puneet (029)Jack, Mpakaboari (024)
11462470BJack, Mpakaboari (024)Weil, Brent (038)
2466491BBroersma, Jason (020)Petrie, Shauna (039)
28474482CRau, Terry Kang (030)Rau, Stefan (010)
30477481BOlotu, Fidelis (015)Dyer, Becky (023)
10481489BDyer, Becky (023)Clinchy, Evans (002)
10483491AWinter (014)Thevenot, Geoff (005)
5484485ALogan, Adam (001)Armstrong, Peter (006)
17496504CKinderman, Eric (036)Weil, Brent (038)
18501505AGabriel, Marty (007)Schoenbrun, Ben (013)
18504523ARau, Stefan (010)Withers, Ben (019)

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