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2015 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division CSW Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+208Armstrong, Peter (CSW02)1W:476-365:CSW072nd vs. CSW07 @2
22–1+143Craig, Joanne (CSW06)2W:440-363:CSW031st vs. CSW03 @3
32–1+89Clinchy, Evans (CSW05)2L:379-523:CSW041st vs. CSW04 @4
42–1+52Wiegand, Dave (CSW01)1L:426-481:CSW082nd vs. CSW08 @1
51–2−52O'Laughlin, John (CSW08)2W:481-426:CSW011st vs. CSW01 @1
61–2−89Wapnick, Joel (CSW04)1W:523-379:CSW052nd vs. CSW05 @4
71–2−143Shin, Austin (CSW03)1L:363-440:CSW062nd vs. CSW06 @3
80–3−208Dyer, Becky (CSW07)2L:365-476:CSW021st vs. CSW02 @2

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