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2015 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division CSW Round 3 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
2Armstrong, Peter (CSW02) 1stDyer, Becky (CSW07) 2nd 3peat
4Clinchy, Evans (CSW05) 2ndWapnick, Joel (CSW04) 1st 3peat
3Craig, Joanne (CSW06) 2ndShin, Austin (CSW03) 1st 3peat
2Dyer, Becky (CSW07) 2ndArmstrong, Peter (CSW02) 1st 3peat
1O'Laughlin, John (CSW08) 2ndWiegand, Dave (CSW01) 1st 3peat
3Shin, Austin (CSW03) 1stCraig, Joanne (CSW06) 2nd 3peat
4Wapnick, Joel (CSW04) 1stClinchy, Evans (CSW05) 2nd 3peat
1Wiegand, Dave (CSW01) 1stO'Laughlin, John (CSW08) 2nd 3peat

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