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2015 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division B Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–1+255Fraley, Kevin (B03)1L:360-405:B062nd vs. B06 @3
22–1+85Jacobi, Gunther (B02)1W:442-403:B072nd vs. B07 @2
32–1+47Bowerman, Kevin (B05)2L:339-457:B041st vs. B04 @4
42–1−62Taylor, Tod (B08)2W:410-370:B011st vs. B01 @1
51–2+62Martin, Jeff (B01)1L:370-410:B082nd vs. B08 @1
61–2−47Karris, John (B04)1W:457-339:B052nd vs. B05 @4
71–2−85Pistol, Howard (B07)2L:403-442:B021st vs. B02 @2
81–2−255Williams, Chris (B06)2W:405-360:B031st vs. B03 @3

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