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2015 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division 4 Round 31 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
14Adkins, Annie (37)drawsGuo, Sheng (44)draws repeat
12Allard, Jack (23)drawsStacy, Deanna (15)draws repeat
13Bailey, Francina (47) 1stEngel, Desiree (43) 2nd repeat
14Baker, Gil (17)drawsHughes, Margaret (34)draws repeat
8Barker, Ron (04)drawsLeigh, Donna (39)draws repeat
6Bates, Debra (20) 2ndFonti, Mary (03) 1st repeat
5Bowen, Diana (19) 2ndSmith, Aron (06) 1st 3peat
16Burritt, Gladys (10) 1stHebert, Chandra (41) 2nd repeat
10De Jong, Jamie (24) 1stForman, Keith (35) 2nd repeat
13Engel, Desiree (43) 2ndBailey, Francina (47) 1st repeat
15Finley, Sandra (29) 2ndStrong, Sylvia (38) 1st repeat
6Fonti, Mary (03) 1stBates, Debra (20) 2nd repeat
10Forman, Keith (35) 2ndDe Jong, Jamie (24) 1st repeat
11Gillette, Rachel (30) 2ndvan Tol, Arthur (21) 1st
11Green, John (14)drawsKomatsu, Deborah (33)draws repeat
14Guo, Sheng (44)drawsAdkins, Annie (37)draws repeat
9Hay, Jennifer (40)drawsMarcus, Maxine (25)draws
TablePlayer Opponent
16Hebert, Chandra (41) 2ndBurritt, Gladys (10) 1st repeat
15Holz, Laurie (27) 1stMennear, Dawn (36) 2nd repeat
14Hughes, Margaret (34)drawsBaker, Gil (17)draws repeat
17Kaminski, Karen (45) 1stKonkol, Janice (18) 2nd repeat
11Komatsu, Deborah (33)drawsGreen, John (14)draws repeat
17Konkol, Janice (18) 2ndKaminski, Karen (45) 1st repeat
 Kraus, Marvin (05) bye
12Laris, Jim (28)drawsPudelka, Pamela (32)draws
8Leigh, Donna (39)drawsBarker, Ron (04)draws repeat
9Marcus, Maxine (25)drawsHay, Jennifer (40)draws
15Mennear, Dawn (36) 2ndHolz, Laurie (27) 1st repeat
7Morrison, Ed (07)drawsWolin, Jean (12)draws
12Pudelka, Pamela (32)drawsLaris, Jim (28)draws
16Rickhoff, Paul (26) 1stRidout, Wendy Wilkinson (13) 2nd repeat
16Ridout, Wendy Wilkinson (13) 2ndRickhoff, Paul (26) 1st repeat
5Smith, Aron (06) 1stBowen, Diana (19) 2nd 3peat
12Stacy, Deanna (15)drawsAllard, Jack (23)draws repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
15Strong, Sylvia (38) 1stFinley, Sandra (29) 2nd repeat
7Wolin, Jean (12)drawsMorrison, Ed (07)draws
11van Tol, Arthur (21) 1stGillette, Rachel (30) 2nd

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